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I am Evelyn Wolf, the founder of Ewolve Coaching. I’m a certified Life and Business Coach, African Yoga Instructor and Thai Massage Therapist and use this colorful skillset to help people in finding their own, unique balance in their busy life so that they stay healthy and fit long-term, and consciously choose what to focus their energy on so that they can enjoy the life of their dreams.

I have experienced myself how fast you get caught up in the busy life of doing and achieving things, serving and being there for others. Especially, when I am passionate about a project and I really want it to succeed, I often used to forget about my boundaries and just went all in.

I thought I was really aware of my behavior having lived half of my life with the consequences of my dad’s stroke at age 40 and him sitting in a wheelchair since after having managed his passion company through a crisis. I really thought I was very health-conscious, always making sure something similar would not happen to me and still, at a very early age I was diagnosed with a spinal disc herniation. This was really shocking to me and woke me up.

I decided to invest more time and energy in exploring what was at the base of this trauma and realized through the help of various coaches that I had picked up on many unhelpful beliefs that my parents unconsciously had passed on to me.

Gaining awareness of those beliefs, values, and identities that I had learned since my early childhood really helped me to accept, let go and create more space and more choice around how I want to navigate my life in a truly healthy and sustainable way while creating the long-term impact, I was always striving for.

I want to help you to do the same by helping you in finding your own balance, really taking care of yourself and your needs, and consciously choosing what to focus your time and energy on.

Since the stroke of my dad when I was 14 years old, I have been on a journey learning more about health, relaxation and balance. I dived deeper into different methods of meditation, various styles of yoga and breathing techniques and have found that coaching for me was the unlocking key that has helped me to get to the root of my unhelpful behaviors enabling me to integrate all these other tools more profoundly.

I understand that it might not be easy to make space for coaching and self care, I understand that there are a million things that need your attention and I understand that sometimes somebody else’s problems seem way more important and urgent than your own ones.

You know what really is the most important?

That you can do all these things that you love and care about long-term. I am here to hold space for you to create that balance in your life so that you can really make an long lasting impact while enjoying each step of your life to the fullest.

You can reach me via evelynwolf@gmail.com.

Location: Berlin, Germany and Mexico 
Specialization: Depth and Transformational Coach for Social Entrepreneurs (and those who want to become one)
Instagram: www.instagram.com/ewolve_now
Website: Coming Soon

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