Frann Wageneck


I am a former school district Assistant Superintendent of Student Services. During 25 years as an educator, I served as an athletic coach, teacher, school counselor, assistant principal, principal, and district administrator. My greatest joy as a public school educator was when I was able to foster leadership in others!

I am now a leadership and development coach who works primarily, but not exclusively, with leaders in the education and not for profit sectors. My work is focused on building a person’s leadership capacity by assisting in building self awareness and helping my clients understand and bring clarity to how they operate in the system within which they work and live. In addition, I aid the client in making the move from where they are now to where they want to be, whether it’s practical changes in job roles or career stage, personal changes or making changes in response to emotional pressures and changes to the world around them.

I love ANY conversation where the client makes the decision to embrace their authentic self!

I'm living in Santa Barbara, California with my partner and our furry friends. I enjoy water sports, hiking, golf, reading, and I am an avid San Francisco Giants fan!

You can email me at

Location: Santa Barbara, California, USA.
Specialization: Leadership.
Phone: +1 805-896-2717
Instagram: @fluxcoachingconsulting & @swageneck

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