Awaken Mentor Coaching
Supporting you on your way to becoming an ICF-Credentialed Coach


The ICF allows up to 7 of your mentor coaching hours to be completed in a group setting. My group package is a great option for coaches wanting the supportive environment of learning together, particularly for those who are just completing an ICF-approved credentialing program of study or who are preparing for the ICF exam.

As an ICF-certified group coach, and a coach trainer since 2014, I have had the pleasure of seeing the benefits of working in a group. You learn from observing your fellow coaches, and from hearing the feedback from several sessions.

This program fulfills the ICF requirements for mentor coaching. While 7 of your hours may be completed in a group, 3 of your mentor coaching hours must still be one-on-one. The group mentor coaching takes place on zoom, with recordings of the calls made available to you at no additional investment.

This course is delivered in English.

What is included in this program

  • Five 90-minute calls (for a total of the 7.5 required group mentor coaching hours)
  • Three one-on-one coaching sessions. You will come prepared, having assessed your competencies on a recorded session. Together, our mentor coaching conversation will focus on your strengths and also offer opportunities to ask questions about how to improve your skills further.

Dates and Times

We will meet live every other Wednesday for 5 weeks starting July 12, 2023
7 am Denver / 9 am New York / 3 pm Paris / 4 pm Kenya / 9 pm Manila

The International Coaching Federation requires mentor coaching in certain circumstances. I love to offer mentor coaching to the following groups:

  • Coaches applying for an ICF ACC credential through the Level 1, ACSTH or portfolio path (10 mentor coaching hours required)
  • Coaches renewing an ICF ACC credential (10 mentor coaching hours required)
  • Coaches applying for an ICF PCC credential through the ACSTH or portfolio path (10 mentor coaching hours required)
  • Coaches wishing to hone their ICF competencies to a new level of skill to better serve their client

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