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There has never been a greater need to be able to unleash the human potential of teams. In this uncertain world where change is constant, teams are under stress and pressure to do more with less. Yet, they struggle to work together and live up to their potential.

This course aims to provide you with Team Coaching skills to support teams to work effectively together where they can achieve results and create an empowering, fun and sustainable culture.

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We are all part of teams. These could be a sports team, our family, a project team, a work team, a team in church or with friends. The beauty of teams is that we bring diversity, creativity, and different perspectives.

However, not all teams work well together; they can be chaotic, have mixed priorities, individualism, toxic, clashing personalities, and complex relationships. We have all had the experience of being on a dysfunctional team, and it is a challenge to stay motivated and bring your best self.

Imagine if you had the skills and confidence to work with teams to give them a different way of being together. Your impact could make a difference that helps team members collaborate effectively, build trust and respect with each other, and set them on a path to change behaviours, learn to work successfully together, value diversity, and align around a common goal or purpose.


I'm Debbie Brupbacher, faculty of Awaken Coach Institute. I know the positive impact of a team working well together, and part of my purpose is to give people the tools and skills to support teams to be effective, motivated and productive. 

I remember my first team coaching engagement where one person in the team said, "in my eight years of working with this company, we have never had a training where we got to the bottom of the problems, broke down barriers, were vulnerable and connected more deeply". I saw how team coaching impacted team behaviours and how they connected. Not only were they more collaborative, but they also had more fun working together.   

My purpose is to create a braver world where we can be more loving to each other. 

This means trusting your team members and being vulnerable enough to have productive debates that allow you to make better decisions. I want to give teams these skills that will help them work more effectively together, and what better way to do this than to equip people with the skills to coach their teams? You will gain Team coaching skills to make a difference in team members' lives, their teams and their organisations. 

The joy in Team Coaching is like watching a movie where you can impact the characters' behaviours and help them create a different outcome. Like any journey, there are other challenges, emotions, ups and down, and you have the privilege of supporting them with compassion and directness.  

With the TEAM COACHING CERTIFICATION COURSE, we help you to master team coaching skills and capabilities to respond to different situations and challenges teams face in their development journey. 

This 24-week course has been designed to help you master the foundations of Team Coaching, and the interactive sessions allow you to practice competencies from Day 1. 

You'll discover how to use team coaching competencies in practice and how to run a team in a successful coaching session.

This course is structured into two distinct and interconnected parts.

The first one is design to discover the fundamentals of effective team coaching through an immersive learning experience. In Part 1 of our course, you will embark on a journey to develop a solid understanding of essential skills and theories in team coaching. Through a combination of self-study, interactive discussions, and hands-on experiential exercises, you will acquire the necessary knowledge to lay a strong foundation as a Team Coach.

Each session over the foundational 11-week course provides reflective questions that will help you expand your range and development to hold the space to coach teams. 

During the Part 2, you will learn how to prepare to engage with teams and navigate the complexities that arise in real-world scenarios. Working closely with a co-lead and benefiting from group supervision, you will engage in practical sessions designed to simulate team coaching experiences. These sessions will provide you with a safe space to apply your skills, receive valuable feedback, and refine your approach.

Team Coaching is a journey where we help you enjoy the experience.



Becoming a Team Coach starts with yourself. You are connecting with your heart and evoking a deep trust in yourself and the coaching process. This will require a reflective practice that will give you the energy to expand your capacity, embrace the not knowing and go with the flow in team coaching sessions. 

Team coaching mastery is a journey in your development. Hours of practice in the arena and learning team coaching skills will only work when you are not held back or triggered by your patterns and limiting beliefs.  


When you’ve completed this course, you will be able to…

  • Have a deeper understanding of yourself through interactive sessions and reflective work. 

  • Have deep trust in yourself and the team coaching process 

  • To competently coach a team through their coaching journey using your new team coaching skills and competencies.


Your certification course includes:

  •  An Awaken Coach Institute certificate for +100 hours of Team Coaching education:

    • 45 hours experiential live learning sessions.

    • 40 hours online self study and practical homework.

    • 5   hours Group Team Coaching Supervision sessions.
    • 18 hours team coaching practice with feedback.
  • Access to the written theory course, with links to curated resources, tools, and templates.

  • Tools & exercises manual you can use with your teams.

  • Knowledge and confidence to manage a team coaching session. 

  • Access to our community of practice.

Those who complete all the assignments in this 24-week certification course will walk away with TEAM COACHING FOUNDATIONS CERTIFICATION.


You will learn:

To understand where Team Coaching fits with other team development modalities

To recognise
the attributes of High performing teams
About the roles
of the Team Coach
and the Team

To understand how
the system influences
team behaviour

To provide reflections
for the team to
consider their impact

To be agile and
adapt with and for
the team

To challenge the teams' assumptions, expectations, and behaviours

To create teams that respect, trust and can be vulnerable together


Awaken Coach Institute's Team Coaching Certification Course will transform how you respond to differing situations and better understand how to work with teams.

You will be in an intimate cohort of up to 8-12 participants, creating a space to be supported and experiment together. 

You will practice in small groups, team coaching skills during a live class session in a safe, supportive environment.

This course is designed for people who work with teams; if you are:

  • A team leader or project manager who is looking to gain new competencies to support their teams.  
  • Consultant or Trainer who wishes to deepen or develop their coaching skill set to work with teams.
  • Coach or a human resource specialist interested in expanding their coaching skills while working with a team. 
  • Team members looking to explore their assumptions and enable personal growth.

Details of the Course:

Team Coaching begins September 18, 2023!

6:30 am San Francisco / 8:30 am Chicago / 9:30 am New York / 2:30 pm London
3:30 pm Paris / 4:30 pm Nairobi / 8:30 pm Bangkok

*Click here to see what date and time it will be in your part of the world.

We will meet every week for 24 weeks via the Zoom platform, so you can participate in our live sessions no matter what part of the world you live in. (We will have a break during the Christmas holidays)

~Classes are 3 hours long

~You will earn +100 hours of Awaken Coach Institute Team Coaching Certification

~This course is delivered in English

Your Investment is only $4,500
You can register by July 4 with our early-bird rate of $4,200


Team Coaching Course Content:

What is Team Coaching?

▲ Understand the different Team development modalities and how Team Coaching benefits a team's development journey.

Building your Foundations for Team Coaching

▲ Learn about the different roles in team coaching and your contribution and responsibility as a team coach.
Gain insights into the essential differences between individual coaching and team coaching. 

Principles and Competencies of Team Coaching 

▲ Acquire and apply best-practice team coaching skills and tools to build trust and create a safe space where team members engage and feel empowered.
Learn the art of making choices as you observe and interact with the team.
Become aware of teams' complex and shifting dynamics and how to work with teams confidently and effectively.

Building Self-Sustaining Teams

▲ Create awareness & insight for teams to make behavioural changes, providing continued support to change habits to be sustainable in the long term.
Develop a deeper understanding of team dynamics and ways to create a more loving & braver world through team coaching skills.

Reflective Practice and Self Development

▲ Gaining comfort in your journey as a Team Coach to get out of your comfort zone, experiment, reflect on your practice and become more self-aware.

About Your Faculty

ICF AGM 2019-20

Debbie Brupbacher, PCC

Debbie is a highly motivated and passionate Executive Leadership, Career, and Team Coach. With over 20 years of experience in multinational firms serving in various senior global roles in finance and transformational projects, she brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her clients. Throughout her career, people development has always been at the center, and she has now found her true calling in coaching and leadership development.

Debbie’s approach to coaching is centered around increasing awareness of the power of vulnerability, authenticity, and heartfelt leadership. By combining conceptual frameworks, metaphors, fun, movement, and nature, she helps her clients expand their thinking and expectations, leading to a higher level of effectiveness and leadership. Her goal is to inspire and encourage clients to be more self-aware of their strengths and value, allowing them to achieve greater success in both their careers and personal lives.

Based in Bern, Switzerland, Debbie enjoys spending time with her teenage daughter and two cats, as well as pursuing her love of nature, mountain running and is an ultra-race winner. She brings her experiences in running and nature to her coaching programs, imparting discipline, resilience, self-awareness, and purpose. 


  • ICF - Professional Certified Coach®️®️
  • Leadership Circle Profile 360 Certified
  • ORSC™ - Organisation and Relationship Systems Coaching
  • Team Coaching International
  • DiSC & Five Behaviours Certified Practitioner
  • ICF Mentor Coach

Camilla Cesari, MCC

Camilla is an experienced leadership and executive coach and facilitator who works with mid-senior managers, leaders and executives. She holds an MBA with the University of Adelaide and has a background in economics and tax law. Her diverse life and work experiences both as a freelance, a professional and a manager in a multinational company give her many insights on the challenges coming with life and work transitions.

Her areas of expertise include management training in coaching competencies, social and emotional intelligence, work-life balance, communication, strengths awareness and management, executive team cohesion development and resilience.

Camilla coaches in English, Spanish, Italian and French, and has over 2.500 coaching hours, including executive coaching, small group coaching and team coaching. She has worked worldwide with entrepreneurs, leaders and teams in global organisations, small businesses and professionals. She also works as mentor coach for coaches. She lives in Bologna, Italy.


  • ICF - Master Certified Coach®️
  • ORSC™ - Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching
  • ICF Mentor Coach
  • Leadership Circle Profile 360 Certified
Camilla Cesari

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Everything you need to know before enrolling to the Team Coaching Course


These are some of the questions people most frequently ask us:

You will become an Awaken certified team coach, AND walk away with skills and confidence to coach teams by the end of 24 weeks, understanding not only the theory, but practicing your skills.

Not yet! This is our pilot course. The International Coaching Federation requires coaching education providers to run the course at least once as a pilot with a minimum of 5 participants, then apply for accreditation. We will submit the accreditation request in 2023 and, if it is approved (and our track record is 100%), you will receive a certification that you can use toward your ICF credential. You benefit from pilot pricing on this course.

Our participants almost never miss a class. We become a very close-knit community and everyone is really looking forward to meeting. No one flies under the radar--everyone's presence is key. 

A certificate of completion will only be granted if you attend at least 90% of the courses live. If you miss a class, you will watch the video recording and provide a written summary of your learning. If you attend less than 90% of the live classes, you will receive a letter of partial completion.

Each week there is homework that is designed to deepen your learning.  In addition there are reflection exercises that slow you down, tune in and make sense of yourself.  These exercises help you let go of assumptions and access your humanity and wisdom in service of your clients, teams and organisations.  

Refund Policy

Cancellation of a course must be made a minimum of 14 business days prior to the course to be eligible for a refund, minus the deposit. The deposit may be applied toward a future course within two years of the original course date. 
Cancellations made less than 14 days before the course start date are not eligible for a refund.
Written notice of cancellation shall be effective on the date the withdrawal is received by Awaken Coach Institute. Refunds, if any, will be made within 30 days following receipt of cancellation or withdrawal requests.
In the event that Awaken Coaching, LLC must cancel a course, due to the COVID-19 pandemic or any other unforeseen circumstances,  every effort will be made to place the student in a later offering of the course.

Registration Modifications

Modifications to registration, including substitutions of participants or transfer of course dates, must be completed at least fourteen days before the program start date. Participants may contact Awaken Coach Institute to modify their registration at
Course changes will be allowed provided there are spaces available.