Kick-off Gathering September 1, 2023




Dive deep into your spirituality, identity and beliefs -
so that you and your clients can sustain lasting and meaningful transformation











Building a More Empathic World

When I'm with someone who is congruent within themselves, and who has expert listening skills, I can grow and change and thrive. I feel so much more relaxed, known and loved. I keep wishing that everyone around me had those skills--we need them now more than ever.

I've been through hundreds of hours of coach training, and I wish that someone had just started out with the deep stuff right away. At the beginning, I learned a lot about action, goals, progress, success--nothing wrong with those. And learning those skills did help me and my career. But I wish someone had embodied spiritual and identity alignment, so that my goals had more meaning, and my actions were deeply engrained and sustainable. It's taken me more than 10 years to put the pieces together.

Over the years, I find that I feel most alive when I'm passing along the universal principles that have been so transformational in my own life. The principles that allowed me to forgive, to see myself and others clearly, to be true to myself and my values, and to love beyond what I thought possible. I want that so badly for you! And for us to have a big ripple effect together.

So, watch out! This is not your average, transactional-level coaching course. This is for the few, the daring, the ones who long to be more. This course goes deep.

When you participate in building a world where self-compassion and empathy are the norm, you can become a braver and more loving human being. As your inner reality shifts, you'll start to notice changes in your environment. It will extend to everyone who comes in contact with you.

Our faculty cares deeply about creating a cohesive world; which starts with a depth of presence, a solid connection to your values, and alignment between your spirituality and your actions.

If you're interested in deep-seated transformation, and not "just another certification", this is the course for you.

With great love,

Christi's Signature

When and Where?

Scholar's Self-Study Course

This 9-month program kicks off worldwide via Zoom on September 1st
8 am New York - 1 pm London - 2 pm Paris - 3 pm Nairobi - 7 pm Bangkok

Intensive Training Retreat

Crystal Bay Resort Watamu, Watamu Bay, Kenya
Arrival on September 18 and departure on September 29, 2023

Training course dates are September 19 - 28 2023. We will take a break on Saturday & Sunday.
Six hours of training per day during those 8 days (9H-12H and 14H-17H).

Mentor Coaching

January 2024 through June 2024



A Dream Location for Learning 

Watamu, Kenya

Beautiful and peaceful, Watamu is nestled between pristine beaches and lush tropical forests on the Indian Ocean along the coast of Kenya.

Known for its unique, relaxed and laid-back way of life, Watamu welcomes visitors seeking to chill out, explore and enjoy the wonders that nature has to offer. An ideal location for the kind of deep and spiritually-aligned coaching course Awaken offers you.

The deep blue waters and white sandy beaches will erase your worries and renew the energy in you as you open your heart and mind for transformation.



Making this luxurious resort our own

This beautiful resort is ours for the full training!

You will luxuriate in a beautiful room with a private bath at Crystal Bay Resort Watamu.

Your meals and in-residence accommodation experience, from arrival on September 18 until check-out on September 29 is included in your investment.

watamu hotel room2
watamu restaurant

The main restaurant for breakfast, lunch and dinner offers a distinctive international cuisine. Culture and history provides its very soul. From architecture and the aromas to the music, drawing you in. 

Please let us know how we can make the dining experience perfect for you, whether vegetarian, gluten-free, or carb-free.

Your meals from lunch on September 18 through breakfast on September 29 are also included in your investment.

For our deep-dive coach training experiences, we'll meet in
a open outdoor space and in courtyards and nooks around the site where we can practice all we're learning in pairs, triads, and dynamic coaching circles.

watamu hotel ext

Led by Christi Byerly, MCC and the Senior Awaken Faculty Team in the English Language

Your investment in this once-in-a-lifetime offer is $7,600

You can reserve your spot today for only $1,520!

*Airfare to Malindi and transportation to Crystal Bay resort is not included* 

Our most luxurious, all-inclusive package!

You will receive:

- Access to a Scholar's Self-Study version of the full course several months in advance so you can immerse yourself in the content before you arrive. Videos, reading, quizzes, and introductions to your colleagues. (Valued as a stand-alone product at $700 US)

- Meals and accommodation from September 18 dinner through September 29 breakfast (Priceless experience in Kenya! Valued at $2,700 US)

- Awaken's flagship Coach Certification Course facilitated by an international faculty team in a highly interactive format. One faculty member for every 4 participants. (Valued as an online course at $5,900 US)

- A gorgeous workbook to record your learning (Our gift to you!)

- Awaken's acclaimed Group Mentor Coaching program that last six months beyond the course intensive, so you'll be supported as you build a thriving coaching practice from your home location (Valued at $1,500 US)

- Surprise BONUS activities in the evenings that will provide a depth of spiritual experience you've barely started to dream of in a coaching course.

*Airfare to Malindi and transportation to Crystal Bay resort is not included*
*This course is delivered in English*

An experience of this caliber is normally priced at well over $10,000 USD. You receive all the training and mentoring you need to apply for the coveted ACC credential with the International Coaching Federation.

Course Highlights

Awaken Coach Institute exists to make the world a braver and more loving place. We train coaches to listen at depth, to awaken to the power of their own presence, and to be more loving than they've ever been before.


Awaken Coach Institute is recognized as an ICF Level 1 Accreditation provider.  

Completion of the Coach Certification Course provides you with a certificate for 114 hours of training, which enables you for requesting your ICF credential. 

*This course is delivered in English*

Meet Our Faculty


Christi Byerly, MCC - founder and CEO

Christi's coaching process motivates you to build a community of empathy and grace around you — and to live your mission as part of something bigger than you are. 

Christi has trained hundreds of new coaches in French and English since 2014 and has mentored dozens of coaches-in-training. She maintains a thriving coaching practice and has been coaching professionally since 2009, after graduating from the International Coach Academy. 

Christi holds a Master NLP certificate, as well as certifications in spiritual direction, group coaching, depth coaching, Enneagram work and mentor coaching. She is a Certified Daring GreatlyTM Facilitator.

Married to Ben, she is the mom of three young people and lives in Alsace on the French, Swiss, and German borders.


  • ICF - Master Certified Coach®️
  • NLP Master Practitioner
  • Spiritual Accompaniment Certified
  • Certified Daring Greatly™ and Certified Dare to Lead™ facilitator
  • Degrees in Communications and French
  • Organizational and Relational Systems Coaching

Thomas Mundia, PCC

Thomas is a senior executive leadership coach, specializing in gender, social, moral and emotional intelligence. A professional coach since 2015, he coaches CEOs, executive and board committee members, senior leadership teams, business owners and social entrepreneurs, both as a personal and team coach in countries across Africa.

With a background in economics, Thomas holds a masters in applied philosophy and ethics. He has held senior positions in manufacturing, media, finance and NGOs.

Thomas combines coaching psychology with psychometric assessments to help his clients find their underlying drivers, move through their blocks, and achieve their goals. His creative tools, exercises, and African proverbs offer deeper awareness.

He's adventurous, creative, and curious. With his wife Hedaya, Thomas heads the thriving Pied Pipers Services, Ltd.


  • ICF - Professional Certified Coach®️
  • Master in Applied Philosophy and Ethics
  • Institute for Social and Emotional Intelligence Coach (USA)
  • Advanced Professional Skills Training (The Performance
    Solution, UK)
  • LPI TPMA Certified Trainer (IFC, UK)
  • Clarity 4D Certified Accreditor & Business partner (UK)
Thomas Mundia Photo 2021
Camilla Cesari

Camilla Cesari, MCC

Camilla is an experienced leadership and executive coach and facilitator who works with mid-senior managers, leaders and executives. She mentors and trains new coaches worldwide.

She holds an MBA with the University of Adelaide and has a background in economics and tax law. Her diverse life and work experiences as a freelancer, a professional, and a manager in a multinational company give her many insights on the challenges that accompany life and work transitions.

Her areas of expertise include management training in coaching competencies, social and emotional intelligence, work-life balance, communication, strengths awareness and management, executive team cohesion development, and resilience.

Camilla coaches in English, Spanish, Italian and French. She had held more than 2,500 coaching conversations with executives, small groups and teams. She has worked worldwide with entrepreneurs, leaders and teams in global organisations and small businesses. She lives with her family in Bologna, Italy.


  • ICF - Master Certified Coach®️
  • ORSC™ - Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching
  • ICF Mentor Coach
  • Leadership Circle Profile 360 Certified

Joan Leteipa, ACC

Joan is an International Development professional with over 15 years of experience in product and project management across non-profits and multinational corporations. As an Associate Certified Coach with ICF and Social Innovation fellow with Waterloo Institute for Social Innovation in Canada, she applies a coaching mindset to all her work and approaches life as a process of continuous innovation.

She views coaching as a way of being and is fascinated by the daily transformation coaching brings in alignment with her core value of growth. She enjoys coaching conversations and facilitating professional coach training. She lives in Kenya with her husband Leteipa and two sons Lempiris and Lesiamon. She loves taking beach walks, swimming, quiet reflection and deep conversations over a cup of brewed Kenyan masala tea (chai).


  • ICF - Associate Certified Coach
  • LIFO®️ Certified Practitioner
  • Success Teams Certified facilitator
Joan Half potrait - Joan Leteipa

This is the right course for you if...

• You want to help build a more compassionate world

You want people to feel and know that being listened to deeply and with love can help us all become braver and more compassionate.

• You believe listening with love can open the door to possibility

You've experienced the magic that happens when a truly grounded person listens with love to another. You want to become that person.

• You have a calling to help people reach their higher potential

You're the person people want to tell their stories to. You love to listen, and it's frustrating to know that you could really help people transform - you're just not sure how yet. 

• You want to unleash your own brave inner warrior

You're ready for a shift in your own life. You want more self compassion, more community, and to live more alive and brave and loving than ever before. 

• You want people to live from their soul and passion

You know what it feels like to be scared, and to feel trapped by the expectations of others. You broke free (or you will in this course) and are ready to walk people into the light.

• You’ve had dormant dreams but not a lot of clarity

Through this experience, you’ll know what makes you so valuable and why your contribution is important. The soul doesn’t care about the scale--whether you are reaching five people or five thousand. It only cares that you are showing up as yourself. The outcome will take care of itself.

  • Awaken Coach Institute

    “Absolutely enjoying the framework and that we started coaching right from the start! Also love the close connection to the others, that groups get mixed up and we get to coach one another frequently. Nothing feels more valuable and fruitful than actual practice!”

    Brave, Spiritually-grounded World-Changer | Awaken Coach Institute Graduate

  • Awaken Coach Institute

    “Dear Christi, Thank you! I have been enjoying the classes so much. I love your style of teaching--practical, full of examples and fun too! I had a sneak peak at all the great information provided and will go through them in greater detail this week. I am getting a lot out of all the great resources so far and I look forward to seeing you again on Friday. You must have heard the saying, "When the student is ready, the teacher arrives". I feel this way with you! Like I was just so wanting a course like this and you are exactly the type of person I was looking for to learn from! ”

    Brave, Spiritually-grounded World-Changer | Awaken Coach Institute Graduate

  • Awaken Coach Institute

    “'I am enjoying the training I am receiving very much. I am enjoying the interactions with my fellow classmates and faculty. They are really great people (we could be divided by space, culture, environment, experiences but we really do have great synergy together - I suppose this is thanks to the atmosphere that has been created by Christi as CEO of Awaken Coach Institute). I am finding it very useful because it is helping me be more mindful of who I am as a person and of others including their identity, environment, experiences, values and beliefs.”

    Brave, Spiritually-grounded World-Changer | Home-maker and Educator | ICF Certified Coach | Operations Director at Pied Pipers Services |

  • Awaken Coach Institute

    “I love this course so much. The learning is energizing me and putting it into practice is growing me. It feels so good and alive. I am committing to being intentional about putting myself in a space of learning and growing in the future. Trusting the coaching process and being gentle.”

    Brave, Spiritually-grounded World-Changer

  • Awaken Coach Institute

    “My gratitude for Awaken Coach Institute is endless. The top tangible outcomes I’ve experienced include finding a community that I will forever cherish, finding a deeper connection with my own being than I knew possible, finding the knowledge, the safe space and tools that I needed to advance my (very new) coaching skills, and courage to launch my own coaching practice. My experience was completely positive so my review follows suit - HIGHLY recommend!”

    Brave, Spiritually-grounded World-Changer | Awaken Coach Institute Graduate |

This is NOT the right course for you if...

• You're just doing it to get a certification

Don't sign up just for the credential. Sign up because yes, you would love to acquire coaching skills and you want to experience in your bones what it's like to live courageously and make the world a more loving place.

• You are hesitant about whether you're willing to love others the way they are right now.

In this course, we go to a deep level, where you come out transformed, and your relationships are transformed, and your ability to lead is transformed. Those kinds of changes only happen in a space of complete love and acceptance. You have to be willing to do your own work around this! If you think you might judge others in the group, please don't sign up.


These are some of the questions people most frequently ask us:

Why do I have to apply to be in the course?

Because we only accept 10 people in each cohort. Each of you is hand-chosen for your commitment to love and courage. 

Is my transportation to Watamu Bay included in the price of the program?

No. Airfare to Malindi and transportation to Crystal Bay Resort Watamu are not included.

Does the All-In-One Coach Certification Program also include some guidance on how to start our own coaching business? 

Yes! First of all, you will start coaching real clients outside of class starting within the first couple of weeks, and you will learn how to send them a coaching contract, takes notes on the sessions, coach professionally with your systems in place, etc. Toward the end of the course, we have a business-building module and walk you through the simple apps and systems that you need to accept payments, create packages, etc. And, you will be part of a coaching community where you can communicate with other coaches to learn how they are starting their businesses.

Is this course accredited?

Yes! Awaken Coach Institute has been approved by the International Coaching Federation as a Level 1 Accreditation provider. This Coach Certification Course provides you with a certificate for 114 training hours.

Is this All-In-One Coach Certification Program applicable for us if we want to become coaches for corporate executives and business leaders?

Yes. This coaching course covers all of the coaching competencies. Some of our graduates use the skills for corporate and executive coaching. Others start coaching businesses for other niches. You graduate with a high level of confidence and competence to use the coaching in whatever niche market you choose, including coaching business leaders.

Do I have to become a coach after I complete this course?

No. This course is also ideal for leaders who want to be more clear and kind. You don't have to become a coach to benefit from the skills you will learn. This course transforms you as a person in all your relationships.

What’s the difference between accreditation, credentialing and certification?

The International Coaching Federation has two major roles: (1) they accredit training programs (2) they credential individual coaches.

When you receive a certification from a Level 1 accredited training program, such as this one, you can use your certificate to apply for the ICF's credential.

Our course is accredited for more than the training hours you need for your credential. With mentor coaching, which is included in the program, you'll be well on your way to completion. Once you complete 100 hours of coaching, which we will support you in doing, you can apply for the ICF credential and take their exam, which our program prepares you for.

What language is this course delivered in?


When and Where?

Scholar's Self-Study Course

This 9-month program kicks off worldwide via Zoom on September 1st
8 am New York - 1 pm London - 2 pm Paris - 3 pm Nairobi - 7 pm Bangkok

Intensive Training Retreat

Crystal Bay Resort Watamu, Watamu Bay, Kenya
Arrival on September 18 and departure on September 29, 2023

Training course dates are September 19 - 28 2023. We will take a break on Saturday & Sunday.
Six hours of training per day during those 8 days (9H-12H and 14H-17H).

Mentor Coaching

January 2024 through June 2024

Led by Christi Byerly, MCC and the Senior Awaken Faculty Team in the English Language

Your investment in this once-in-a-lifetime offer is $7,600

You can reserve your spot today for only $1,520!

*Airfare to Malindi and transportation to Crystal Bay Resort is not included*

Refund Policy

Cancellation of a course must be made a minimum of 14 business days prior to the course to be eligible for a refund, minus the deposit. The deposit may be applied toward a future course within two years of the original course date. 
Cancellations made less than 14 days before the course start date are not eligible for a refund.
Written notice of cancellation shall be effective on the date the withdrawal is received by Awaken Coach Institute. Refunds, if any, will be made within 30 days following receipt of cancellation or withdrawal requests.
In the event that Awaken Coaching, LLC must cancel a course, due to the COVID-19 pandemic or any other unforeseen circumstances,  every effort will be made to place the student in a later offering of the course.

Registration Modifications

Modifications to registration, including substitutions of participants or transfer of course dates, must be completed at least fourteen days before the program start date. Participants may contact Awaken Coach Institute to modify their registration at
Course changes will be allowed provided there are spaces available.