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Dive deep into your spiritualityidentity and beliefs, become a braver, more compassionate leader and receive everything you need for your coach credential from the International Coaching Federation










We do coaching differently.

We're looking for loving, brave people who are seeking spiritual alignment, belonging and bravery – not just a coaching qualification.

Duluth Lake Canoe

When I'm with someone who is congruent within themselves and who has expert listening skills, I can grow and change and thrive. I feel so much more relaxedknown and loved. I find myself wishing everyone around me had those skills – and I feel as though we need them now more than ever.

I've been through hundreds of hours of coach training, and I wish someone had just started out with the deep stuff right away.

At the beginning, I learned a lot about action, goals, progress, success – and there is nothing wrong with that. Learning those skills helped me in my career. But, I wish someone had taught me earlier on about embodied spiritual and identity alignment. It would meant my goals had more meaning, and my actions were deeply engrained and sustainable. It's taken me more than 10 years to put the pieces together.

I feel most alive when I'm passing along the universal principles that have been transformational in my own life. The principles that allowed me to forgive, to see myself and others clearly, to be true to myself and my values, and to love beyond what I thought possibleI want that so badly for you! And I want us to create a ripple effect across the world together.

I promise you, this is not your average, transactional-level coaching course. This program is for the few, the daring, the ones who long to be more. This course goes deep.

When you become part of building a world where self-compassion and empathy are the norm, you become a braver and more loving human being. As your inner reality shifts, you'll notice changes in your environment. And that change will extend to everyone who comes in contact with you.

Our teaching faculty cares deeply about creating a cohesive world which starts with depth of presence, solid connection to your values, and alignment between your spirituality and your actions. 

If you're looking for deep-seated transformation, and not "just another certification", this is the course for you.

We will only be accepting TEN participants on this cohort, because we want our students to have a personalized, expansive experience. We care deeply about you, and want to honor your presence with our undivided attention.

With great love, 

Christi Signature Teal

Christi Byerly, MCC – Founder & CEO of Awaken Coach Institute

What's Included?

Scholar's Self-Study Course: Immediate Access

Access our self-study content for the All-In-One Coach Certification Program as soon as you sign up for the program and work your way through all the modules to get ready for our intensive in-person training.

Intensive In-Person Coach Training: October 1 – 10, 2024

Hosted in a Private Location on the Shores of Barrs Lake, Duluth, Minnesota, US
Your in-person course begins on October 1, 2024 and finishes on October 10, 2024.

The training course dates are October 1-4 and October 7-10, 2024
There will be 6 hours of training per day during those 8 days (9:00-12:00 and 14:00-17:00)

Mentor Coaching & Coaches Community Membership: November 2024 – April 2025

You'll complete at least 7 hours of mentor coaching in a group of Awaken graduates within our Coaches Community, focusing on your strengths and offering opportunities to improve your skills further.

3 of your mentor coaching hours will be one-on-one between you and our senior faculty. 

This entire course is comprehensive and provides you with all the coaching education and mentoring you need to apply for a credential with the International Coaching Federation (ICF)


  • Awaken Coach Institute

    I'm getting a sense of believing that I will bring value as a coach, and therefore that that is an exciting reason to do it, along with the intellectual excitement of what it involves. I can't imagine this happening in any other kind of learning environment that I've experienced, so thank you very much, and thank all of you very much. It's just wonderful.

    Abi Johnson , Brave, Spiritually-grounded World-Changer | Awaken Coach Institute Graduate

  • Awaken Coach Institute

    I just love the brave space created. It's helped me think so much more about who I am in my personal life, but also I'm really still exploring what's my place as a coach, where's my place as a coach. My heart is just really full! Thank you, all of you.

    Chrystal Kelly , Brave, Spiritually-grounded World-Changer | Awaken Coach Institute Graduate

  • Awaken Coach Institute

    In coaching or in training, a lot of people see me as the expert, and so being here has really allowed me to not be the expert, to put on that learning hat, to embrace that curiosity and to learn new ways of doing things. This coaching is less about having answers and it's more about bringing out the answers from the client, helping the client to sort through the challenges that they're facing and the actions they wanna take; being more client-directed than coach-directed.

    Jennifer Vancil , Brave, Spiritually-grounded World-Changer | Awaken Coach Institute Graduate

  • Awaken Coach Institute

    I had a strong sense that I was to attend the Awaken coaching course. Before the training I didn't believe that I could be a coach, I joined with a desire to become a better leader. And I think I am a better leader as a result of this course. However I'm also now a coach and I believe in myself as a coach. The methodology of this course is phenomenal. It is experiential and your entire body gets to feel the material with new insights and understanding happening throughout. For me, this has been a profound time - a personal retreat and a coaching training. I am a better person, more insightful and thoughtful because of this opportunity. Thank you.

    Leanne Marega , Brave, Spiritually-grounded World-Changer | Awaken Coach Institute Graduate

  • Awaken Coach Institute

    I did not know if coaching would be for me. I was doing this as an exploration to determine if this was something I might want to jump into. After the first week of training, I really feel like there's a place for me in coaching, and that part of that is a change in me as well. The generosity you all have shown me, and the things I've learned from you, thank you, all of you. Each of you has contributed something, and that has been powerful to me. You've cared for me, and you've reached out to me, and it's touched me! I really feel like all that is changing me, so thank you. Thank you.

    Raymond McGhee , Brave, Spiritually-grounded World-Changer | Awaken Coach Institute Graduate

  • Awaken Coach Institute

    I love to witness the different coaching sessions that happen with others because that allows me to be in the space untethered to the way that I would normally do things in, but to learn from others. I have given myself grace to be in a new headspace, so just slowing down because I feel like it's a departure from who I normally am, -and I'm ok with that, I'm grateful for it. It's very special to start this journey with all of you. To be able to go back knowing that I've discovered these new relationships and this new community. I feel like I have a source of love and strength in this community that will continue to carry me forward. I am truly grateful.

    Shawntee Reed , Brave, Spiritually-grounded World-Changer | Awaken Coach Institute Graduate

Duluth 1

Tranquility on the shores of Barrs Lake in Northern Minnesota

A Beautiful Location for Learning 

We invite you to join us for extra special opportunity, as we host an Awaken Coach Institute in-person training program in the USA for the first time ever with an intimate cohort of 10 participants.

Our Duluth program takes place in an intimate home setting, 25 miles noth of Duluth Minnesota, on the shores of the beautful Barrs Lake.

At this time of year, the lake is surrounded by spectacular fall foliage in vibrant yellows, oranges and reds. 

And in the evening, you might even catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights.

In between your learning, you'll have plenty of opportunity for kayaking, canoeing and exploring hiking trails. We'll also be hosting nature photography outings and offering the chance to indulge in Forest Therapy with a certified local practitioner. And, if you want to relax and unwind, you can add a massage to your day. 

We'll also be including group and individual photography sessions, which you'll be able to use on your own website and in your marketing. 

Whole food, nutritious lunches and snacks will be provided on the course dates. 

Duluth 2

Where to stay during your in-person training

For the duration of the in-person course, you will need to book your own accommodation.

Our classes will take place at a private residence, and you will be sent the location details when you book. 

Please note that hotels in Duluth, MN fill very quickly and early October is prime fall colors viewing time, so make sure you book your accommodation ASAP.

Download our recommended hotel options here

What's Included In The All-In-One Coach Certification Program?

Your online self-study course and two-week intensive, in-person training program focuses on the core coaching competencies outlined by the ICF while incorporating our spiritual Awaken philosophy – to create a braver, more loving world starting with ourselves.

View All Course Lessons

  • Creating Brave Space: Become a person clients can trust with their dreams.
  • Definition of Coaching: Know when you’re coaching, as compared to mentoring, counseling, consulting, or befriending.
  • The Flow of a Coaching Conversation: Feel comfortable structuring the beginning, middle and end of a coaching session.
  • Coaching Models: Learn a variety of coaching models you can rely on. Choose which model to use in real conversations.
  • Ethical Coaching Practice: Know how to operate your conversations within the International Coaching Federation ethical guidelines.
  • Embody the Coaching Mindset: Become an open, curious, flexible and client-centered person.
  • What Are Coaches Listening For? Listen at sixe consecutively deeper and more nuanced levels
  • Establishing Coaching Agreements: Know how to partner with your client to set goals for the coaching engagement, and for each session
  • Powerful Questions and other Coaching ResponsesAsk more powerful questions and make more useful observations
  • Coaching Presence: Use your head, heart and gut intelligence to manage your own emotions and stay observant, empathetic and responsive to the client. 
  • Evoking Awareness through Language and Metaphor: Challenge, observe, intuit and play with language to increase your client’s choice.
  • Cultivating Trust and Safety: Become an adaptable person who can respect each client’s identity and uniqueness: environment, experiences, values and beliefs, perceptions, style and language.
  • Celebrating Progress and Success: At the halfway mark, celebrate how far you’ve come and set learning objectives for the remaining class time. Learn to do the same with your clients.
  • Using Silence in Coaching: Notice your client’s thinking patterns, eye movements and reflection periods for a deeper and richer coaching experience.
  • From Insight to Action: Know when and how to move toward designing actions and behavior change
  • What Is Reality?: Learn a communications model that increases your ability to respect your client’s map of the world 
  • How Beliefs are Structured: Change limiting beliefs and reinforce resourceful beliefs
  • Coaching with ValuesKnow how to recognize fear-based and love-based values and work with your client’s values hierarchy.
  • Coaching Big EmotionsLearn to recognize a variety of emotions, accept them, become curious about them and bring kindness to them.
  • Coaching With Idealized and Unwanted Identity Beliefs: Recognize idealized and unwanted identities and their associated shame triggers. Learn to bring empathy, kindness and non-judgment, and to help your clients integrate their identities.
  • Taking Care of Yourself: Best practices for self-regulation, self-compassion and self-care.
  • Coaching for Teams and Groups: Lead teams and groups effectively. Learn logistics and coaching models to work with groups.
  • Closures and Endings in Coaching: Partner with clients to close a coaching session and a coaching engagement.
  • Getting Your First Client: Learn the foundation to start building your business and marketing! 

Course led by Christi Byerly, MCC and Stacy Crawford, PCC

Your total investment in the self-study course, two-week Duluth program and 6 months of mentor coaching is $8,900

You can reserve your spot today for only $1,780

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This course is delivered in English

What's included in your in-person coaching training in Duluth, Minnesota?

You'll recieve access to our Scholar's Self-Study version of the full All-In-One Coach Certification Program right away, so you can immerse yourself in the content before you arrive. This includes videos, reading, quizzes, and introductions to your colleagues.

Your in-person program includes

  • Our flagship Coach Certification Training Program facilitated by an international faculty team in a highly interactive format (one faculty member for every 5 participants)
  • Lunch, snacks and drinks on your class days
  • Gorgeous workbook to record your learning
  • Professional photography session so you'll go home feeling inspired, with website-ready headshots of yourself in a gorgeous location
  • Our acclaimed Group Mentor Coaching delivered via our Coaches Membership Community for six months beyond the course intensive, so you'll be supported as you build a thriving coaching practice from your home location

You will receive all the training and mentoring you need to apply for the coveted ACC credential with the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

You may also use the Awaken Coach Institute training and mentoring hours toward your PCC credential, if you already hold an ACC or have completed prior coach training.

Not included

  • Airfare to Duluth, Minnesota
  • Transportation to the training location from your accomodation
  • Accommodation, breakfast or evening meals 

Got questions that this page hasn't answered?

Join our next Q&A call and ask us anything. 

Our regular Q&As are held every two weeks and hosted by a member of the Awaken Coach Institute Team. 

Awaken Coach Institute exists to make the world a braver, more loving place.

We train coaches to listen deeply, to awaken to the power of their own presence, and to be more loving and accepting than they've ever been before.

ICF Level 1 and 2

Awaken Coach Institute is recognized as an ICF-Accredited Level 1 & Level 2 coaching education provider.  

Completion of our All-In-One Coach Certification Program* provides you with a certificate for 114 hours of training, mentor coaching and a Level 2 (PCC) performance evaluation which you can use towards your ICF credential.

*This course is delivered in English, we welcome applicants from all over the world.

Meet Your Course Leaders

Christi's new headshot - Right


Christi Byerly, MCC  – Founder and CEO

Christi's coaching process motivates you to build a community of empathy and grace around you — and to live your mission as part of something bigger than you are. 

Christi has trained hundreds of new coaches in French and English since 2014 and has mentored dozens of coaches-in-training. She maintains a thriving coaching practice and has been coaching professionally since 2009, after graduating from the International Coach Academy. 

Christi holds a Master NLP certificate, as well as certifications in spiritual direction, group coaching, depth coaching, Enneagram work and mentor coaching. She is a Certified Daring WayTM Facilitator.

Married to Ben, she is the mom of three teenagers and lives in Alsace on the French, Swiss, German borders.


  • ICF - Master Certified Coach®️®️
  • NLP Master Practitioner
  • Spiritual Accompaniment Certified
  • Certified Daring Greatly™ and Certified Dare to Lead™ facilitator (based on the research of Brené Brown)
  • Degrees in Communications and French

Stacy Crawford, PCC – Awaken Faculty

Stacy has been a strengths-based coach for teams and individuals since 2016. She founded Klear Water Coaching & Wellness in 2017 and incorporates Mind-Body Medicine into both her organizational work and individual coaching. Much of her career was spent as a leader in student success positions in higher education. She is a proud alumnus of the Awaken Coach Institute program and is honored to step into a faculty role.

Stacy holds a Master’s degree in Counseling, with a focus on marriage and family. She has more than 300 hours of training and supervision from the Center for Mind-Body Medicine (CMBM) in Washington, DC whose mission is “to help communities around the world to develop the tools they need to heal population-wide trauma.” She served as a mentor and supervisor to others navigating the CMBM certification process for two years and offers self-care groups focused on meditation, mindfulness, and more.

Her authentic and heartfelt approach helps to create a safe space for individuals to explore the possibilities that exist within themselves and to navigate challenges.

Based in Northern Minnesota, Stacy enjoys traveling, reading, laughing, knitting, live music, dancing, and spending time with her partner and two adult children on or near the water.


  • ICF - Professional Certified Coach®️
  • Awaken Coach Institute Graduate
  • Gallup Certified CliftonStrengths Coach & Educator
  • Mental Health First Aider
  • Center for Mind-Body Medicine

This is the right course for you if...

You want to help build a more compassionate world

You want people to feel and know that being listened to deeply and with love can help us all become braver and more compassionate.

You believe listening with love can open the door to possibility

You've experienced the magic that happens when a truly grounded person listens with love to another. You want to become that person.

You’ve had dormant dreams but not a lot of clarity

Through this experience, you’ll know what makes you so valuable and why your contribution is important. The soul doesn’t care about the scale – whether you are reaching five people or five thousand. It only cares that you are showing up as yourself. The outcome will take care of itself.

You have a calling to help people reach their higher potential

You're the person people want to tell their stories to. You love to listen, and it's frustrating to know that you could really help people transform – you're just not sure how yet. 

You want to unleash your own brave inner warrior

You're ready for a shift in your own life. You want more self compassion, more community, and to live more alive and brave and loving than ever before. 

You want people to live from their soul and passion

You know what it feels like to be scared, and to feel trapped by the expectations of others. You broke free (or you will in this course) and are ready to walk people into the light.

Ready to join us in Duluth, MN for our in-person program?

You can book your place now – pay in full or secure your place with a deposit of $1,780*

Book Your Place For Duluth 2024

*alternatively, payment plans are available on request

This is NOT the right course for you if...

You're just doing it to get a certification

Don't sign up just for the credential. Sign up because yes, you would love to acquire coaching skills and you want to experience in your bones what it's like to live courageously and make the world a more loving place.

You're hesitant about whether you're willing to love others the way they are right now.

In this course, we go to a deep level, where you come out transformed, and your relationships are transformed, and your ability to lead is transformed. Those kinds of changes only happen in a space of complete love and acceptance. You have to be willing to do your own work around this! If you think you might judge others in the group, please don't sign up.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the questions people ask most often about the program.

Got a question that isn't answered here?


Does the cost of the program include my transportation to Duluth and accommodation?

No! Airfare to Duluth and transportation to the course location is not included in the program price. Accommodation is not included – you will need to book your own hotel for the duration of the in-person program.

Does the All-In-One Coach Certification Program also include some guidance on how to start our own coaching business? 

Yes! First of all, you will start coaching real clients outside of class starting within the first couple of weeks, and you will learn how to send them a coaching contract, takes notes on the sessions, coach professionally with your systems in place, etc. Toward the end of the course, we have a business-building module and walk you through the simple apps and systems that you need to accept payments, create packages, etc. And, you will be part of a coaching community where you can communicate with other coaches to learn how they are starting their businesses.

Is this program accredited?

Yes! Awaken Coach Institute has been approved by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) as a Level 1 & Level 2 Accreditation provider. This Coach Certification Course provides you with a certificate for 114 training hours which you can use towards your ACC or PCC with the ICF.

What language is this course delivered in?


Is this All-In-One Coach Certification Program applicable for us if we want to become coaches for corporate executives and business leaders?

Yes! This coaching course covers all of the coaching competencies. Some of our graduates use the skills for corporate and executive coaching. Others start coaching businesses for other niches. You graduate with a high level of confidence and competence to use the coaching in whatever niche market you choose, including coaching business leaders.

Do I have to become a coach after I complete this program?

No! This program is also ideal for leaders who want to be more clear and kind. You don't have to become a coach to benefit from the skills you will learn. This course transforms you as a person in all your relationships.

What’s the difference between accreditation, credentialing and certification?

The International Coaching Federation has two major roles: (1) they accredit training programs (2) they credential individual coaches.

When you receive a certification from a Level 1 & Level 2 accredited training program, such as this one, you can use your certificate to apply for the ICF's credential.

Our course is accredited for more than the training hours you need for your ACC credential, and you can use our course hours toward your PCC. With mentor coaching, which is included in the program,  you'll be well on your way to completion. Once you complete 100 hours of coaching, which we will support you in doing, you can apply for the ICF credential and take their exam, which our program prepares you for.

Awaken Coach Institute Faculty Accreditations

Refund Policy

No refunds will be offered. However, Awaken Coaching, LLC will apply the payment toward a future training or any Awaken Coaching, LLC course, to be used within one year. Awaken Coach Institute will work with students dealing with unforeseen personal circumstances who would like to continue their training at a later date, allowing the student to transfer the registration to a later session of the course.

In the event that Awaken Coaching, LLC must cancel a course, due to the COVID-19 pandemic or any other unforeseen circumstances,  every effort will be made to place the student in a later offering of the course.