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Are you ready to create a brave and beautiful impact through the magic of group coaching?

Hey Coaches!  Are you wanting a luscious, transformative experience for your clients AND you want to run a profitable coaching business? I hear you!

Our next group coaching course starts 1st October 2024


Why group coaching?

Working 1-2-1 is incredibly fulfilling. At the same time, there's only one of you, and you only have so many hours in a day. Cloning yourself may not be realistic.

What if I said there was an easier, more cost-effective option that maximizes all the goodness you have to offer? Would you be interested?

That’s where group coaching comes into action! Group coaching is a win-win for your business and your clients.

You can achieve greater impact in the kind of transformational space that only happens in a group setting. And, while the pricing is lower for your clients than one-on-one coaching, it's more profitable for you. Plus, you will leverage the untapped wisdom and support of your group members.

When you stop trading money for your time, and start creating a new depth of rich experiences, you can transform your existing business beyond your bravest dreams.


I'm Christi Byerly, CEO & Founder of Awaken Coach Institute.

I wanted to create this course for you because group coaching is my joy.

I was coaching one woman who told me her whole life story. She said, "I've never told this to anyone before." Later, I coached her best friend, who told me the same thing. I thought, "How sad! What if I could create an environment where best friends can lean on one another?"

I was TERRIFIED to start my first group. It was called "The Heroine's Quest" and it helped women to get brave and live their passions in a safe community. I set up six weeks of coaching, and I was literally trembling going into my first call. I was nervous about tech, nervous about marketing, nervous about leading the experience...

But, it was fantastic! With the women in that first course, we created such a magical environment. I used proven coaching skills so that it felt light and easy for me to follow the process. And those women are still friends years later.

I LOVE group coaching. It's part of my life purpose of creating communities of grace. It has an enormous ripple effect. And I'd love to teach you all the skills you need to run your own group. You can follow your passion too!

When done well, group coaching is fun and relaxing and invigorating.

You take a topic you're passionate about, and work with like-minded people who are naturally attracted to the same thing.

With our proven group coaching process that builds on your current coaching skills, you'll discover just how exceptional people can be at helping and supporting each other. 

My goal is to take the pressure around group coaching away and help you build on the coaching skills you already have… so you can create the opportunities you're  dreaming about.

Our GROUP COACHING CERTIFICATION COURSE will help you master group coaching quickly and efficiently.

Our next cohort starts on October 1st, 2024

This 10-week course will give you everything you need to deliver wonder and joy with your group coaching, right from your very first session.

What's more, it will provide you with 40 hours of training accredited by the ICF.


This course is offered in English.




Gain skills for life

With our Group Coaching Course, you'll be gaining skills that can be used in all sorts of group sessions for years to come.

Once you learn how to create one group coaching experience, you have that skillset for life.

You can create many more offerings over the years as you and your clients grow together.

For new business owners

Group coaching programs save you money as you grow your business.

For established coaches

Group coaching gives you the confidence to connect in new and transformative ways.

When you’ve completed this course, you will be able to…

  • Design and launch a professional and profitable group coaching program
  • Feel confident facilitating a group coaching exp erience
  • Make a larger impact by reaching more people
  • Grow your ability to achieve predictable coaching income while having more control over your time.

Your group coaching certification course includes

  • An Awaken Coach Institute certificate for 40 hours of training accredited by the ICF
  • Access to the written theory course, with links to curated resources, freebies, and templates
  • Templates to create marketing campaigns that fill your groups
  • Knowledge to manage your group's logistics and technology

Identify your why, who, and what

Design your group coaching signature program

Apply proven group coaching skills

Learn to market your program 

Facilitate growth for your clients

Demonstrate your coaching skills in a secure environment

Evaluate your group's results and create futher opportunities for growth

Earn 40 hours of training accredited by the ICF

When you complete all the assignments in this 10-week certification course, you will walk away with an actual group coaching product that you'll be able to market, sell, and run with your groups.

This course is offered in English.

Our Group Coaching Course is accredited by the ICF

Awaken Coach Institute is recognized as an ICF Level 1 & Level 2 accreditated provider.

Completion of this course provides you with a certificate for 40 hours of training.


Awaken Coach Institute's Group Coaching Certification Course will Transform Your Business and is Officially OPEN for Enrollment

You will be in an intimate cohort of up to 8 participants, for depth of insight and group coaching practice.

You will design, market, and actually lead a group through your first group coaching session live during class in a safe, supportive environment.

This course is designed for coaches who already have received coach training for 1-to-1 and who want to expand their reach to group experiences.

Secure Your Place For October Now

Details of the Course

Classes are Tuesdays, starting on October 1st 2024

6 am San Francisco / 8 am Chicago / 2 pm London / 3 pm Paris /  

4 pm Nairobi  / 9 am New York /  8 pm Bangkok

We will meet live every Tuesday for 10 weeks online via Zoom, so no matter what part of the world you live, you're able to participate in our live sessions. 

Classes are 2 hours long

You will earn 40 hours of training accredited by the ICF

You will present your group coaching product to your colleagues in the course and receive valuable real-time insights so you feel confident launching your group immediately.

This course is delivered in English

Your Investment is only $1,897



Group Coaching Course Content

Why Group Coaching?

Discover how group coaching will benefit you and your audience and set clear business goals for group coaching program.

Design Your Results-Driven Group Coaching Program

Identify your target audience for your program and their main challenges as they relate to your area of expertise. Design a structure for your group coaching program that gets the best results for group members and is profitable for you.

Apply Proven Group Coaching Skills to Facilitate Success

Apply best-practice group coaching skills to build trust and create an environment where your members feel safe, supported, and motivated. Plan the specifics of different types of live group sessions.

Receive Valuable Real-Time Insights

You will present your actual group coaching product to your colleagues in the course and receive valuable real-time insights so you feel confident launching your group immediately.

Marketing Your Program

Set up the basics you need in order to market and sell your group coaching program.

Evaluate Results

Evaluate the results of your group coaching program, both for yourself and your members.

Review & Refine

Consolidate and implement your learning and plan future action steps so you can achieve the goals you set for this course   

Prior to each live class you will complete one to two hours per week of self-study video lessons and worksheets.

After this 10-week course you will walk away with an actual group coaching product that you'll be able to market, sell, and run with your groups.

  • Awaken Coach Institute

    “This group coaching course has been wonderful! Great community, strong resources and teaching, and hands-on application. Scary at times - but that challenge to develop a program, with strong support and community, is exactly what I needed to push me forward. I will miss the regular interactions with the amazing group of folks I got to be a part of!”

    Brave, Spiritually-grounded World-Changer

  • Awaken Coach Institute

    “All communication was clear and helpful. Faculty were always meticulously prepared, completely present and really knowledgeable. The course content is great. Every session added something valuable, and the structure of half the time spent 'learning', half spent experiencing each other's coaching was really powerful. I love that the lessons are recorded. It's such a wonderful library of content to have. Time in live class sessions was really rich and I have loved experiencing everyone's courses. Becoming part of a new group, getting to know everyone. Learning such brilliant new stuff! Wow!! ”

    Brave, Spiritually-grounded World-Changer

  • Awaken Coach Institute

    “Awaken delivered on what they promised! I experienced the transformational power of group coaching through being part of eight 45 minute pilots with my peers. I definitely grew in skill and confidence in both the design and facilitation of my group coaching product. The class has positioned me for my actual launch in March 2023. ”

    Brave, Spiritually-grounded World-Changer

  • Awaken Coach Institute

    “The MOST memorable aha's happened in the live demonstrations and what each person brought to the collective narrative/knowledge/memory of this group.
    Revisiting the class recordings have brought tears to my eyes. It feels like every session that was from a different product with a different target audience etc., was each forming the exact next chapter of this story that we have been creating the past 10 weeks. ”

  • Awaken Coach Institute

    “The course allowed me to understand how 1:1 coaching can be expanded into Group coaching and how as a PCC coach I already have all the coaching skills I need to be able to do this.Setting the date for my presentation was key for me. I am a 'slow burner' so my ideas don't come immediately. I like to build a framework and then slot my learnings into this. The pace and logical flow of the sessions allowed that to happen. Second to this was the openness and vulnerability of the class to be able to say when they didn't understand, when they needed more explanation, and also to share tips and tricks they learned.”

    Brave, Spiritually-grounded World-Changer

  • Awaken Coach Institute

    “As I expected, I got keys to build my own group coaching experience, know how to implement coaching into a group, and understand how to coach 1:1 in the group.
    I could see a diversity of examples and great ideas to build on. I feel more confident in my own group coaching style thanks to participants demonstrations. Not only that, but I created connections with like-minded people that will probably last beyond the course. I feel stimulated and am stirred up. Group coaching was a dream, it is now at hand. ”

    Brave, Spiritually-grounded World-Changer

  • Awaken Coach Institute

    I gained a sense of wonder in the magic that adding that little bit of laser coaching brings to a group. I also have a new confidence in my ability to lead different kinds of people in a group coaching experience. The times when Christi and Valeyne shared their wisdom were the most fruitful for me. I just wanted to soak up even more of their knowledge and experience. ”

    Brave, Spiritually-grounded World-Changer

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Your Course Leaders



Christi Byerly, MCC - Founder & CEO

Christi's coaching process motivates you to build a community of empathy and grace around you — and to live your mission as part of something bigger than you are. 

Christi has trained hundreds of new coaches in French and English since 2014 and has mentored dozens of coaches-in-training. She maintains a thriving coaching practice and has been coaching professionally since 2009, after graduating from the International Coach Academy. 

Christi holds a Master NLP certificate, as well as certifications in spiritual direction, group coaching, depth coaching, Enneagram work and mentor coaching. She is a Certified Daring GreatlyTM Facilitator.

Married to Ben, she is the mom of three young people and lives in Alsace on the French, Swiss, and German borders.


  • ICF - Master Certified Coach®️
  • NLP Master Practitioner
  • Certified Group Coach
  • Spiritual Accompaniment Certified
  • Certified Daring Greatly™ and Certified Dare to Lead™ facilitator
  • Degrees in Communications (group dynamics emphasis) and French
  • Organizational and Relational Systems Coaching (ORSC)®️

Valeyne Grotrian, PCC

Valeyne is an “Inner Leader” Coach for legacy-minded and soul-centered leaders with over 20 years of experience in business operations and human resources leadership roles across 6 industries.

She founded Agora Coaching & Training Solutions in 2017, a collective for leaders who want to trust themselves more fully and confidently stand in their inner power. As an Awaken Faculty member, Valeyne aims to create a learning environment where coaches can bravely bring their whole self to their practice with curiosity and play.

Valeyne holds a Psychology of Leadership certification through eCornell University, the PCC credential through the ICF and is a Triple-Certified Professional Coach; Awaken Coach Institute (2021), Gallup CliftonStrengths® Coach (2017), International Coach Academy (2012).

Based in the greater Chicagoland area of the United States, Valeyne is a pilot’s wife and dog mom. They all enjoy adventurous time outdoors together whether it be at the beach or mountains.


  • ICF - Professional Certified Coach®️
  • Awaken Coach Institute Graduate, International Coach Academy Graduate & Certified CliftonStrengths® Coach through Gallup
  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Certified Practitioner
  • Psychology of Leadership Certification through eCornell University


YES! You will become an Awaken certified group coach, AND walk away having your group coaching created and ready to market by the end of 10 weeks.

YES! This is now an ICF-accredited course - when you complete the whole course, you receive a certificate for 40 Level 1 training hours meaning that you have shown up live for all 20 live class hours and completed all homework.

Our participants almost never miss a class. We become a very close-knit community and everyone is really looking forward to meeting. No one flies under the radar--everyone's presence is key. 

A certificate of completion will only be granted if you attend at least 90% of the courses live. If you miss a class, you will watch the video recording and provide a written summary of your learning. If you attend less than 90% of the live classes, you will receive a letter of partial completion listing the hours that you did attend.

Your homework each week will be to actually design your group coaching course and get it out there into the world, which is so exciting! You will come to class each week with the progress you've made, and will run one segment of your group coaching experience with the rest of the community in class.

This course is delivered in English.

Refund Policy

Cancellation of a course must be made a minimum of 14 business days prior to the course to be eligible for a refund, minus the deposit. The deposit may be applied toward a future course within two years of the original course date. 
Cancellations made less than 14 days before the course start date are not eligible for a refund.
Written notice of cancellation shall be effective on the date the withdrawal is received by Awaken Coach Institute. Refunds, if any, will be made within 30 days following receipt of cancellation or withdrawal requests.
In the event that Awaken Coaching, LLC must cancel a course, due to the COVID-19 pandemic or any other unforeseen circumstances,  every effort will be made to place the student in a later offering of the course.

Registration Modifications

Modifications to registration, including substitutions of participants or transfer of course dates, must be completed at least fourteen days before the program start date. Participants may contact Awaken Coach Institute to modify their registration at
Course changes will be allowed provided there are spaces available.