Welcome to Awaken Coach Institute

Brave, wholehearted coach training for coaches who want to go deep.

Dive deep into your spirituality, identity and beliefs, become a braver, more compassionate leader & get everything you need for your coach credential from the International Coaching Federation.


Welcome to Awaken Coach Institute

Brave, wholehearted coach training for coaches who want to go deep.

Dive deep into your spirituality, identity and beliefs, become a braver, more compassionate leader & get everything you need for your coach credential from the International Coaching Federation.


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Your interest in becoming a coach and joining our All-In-One Coach Certification Program means you want more

You want more for your life. You want to feel a sense of purpose. You want to leave your mark on the world.

Whether you’re looking to build a meaningful career as a coach, or whether you want deep coaching skills to enhance your leadership, this program will take your practice to a whole new level.

Our All-In-One Coach Certification Program will teach you everything you need to know to build extraordinary coaching skills and enjoy a fulfilling career.

Ready to hear the most powerful thing we teach you?

We teach you how to evolve into the person you didn’t even know was possible. We teach you how to create unshakeable confidence and belief in your process. 

And as a bonus, you'll learn to confidently launch your own business.

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I’m Christi Byerly, MCC, Director of Education & CEO of Awaken Coach Institute.

When I'm with someone who is congruent within themselves, and who has expert listening skills, I can grow and change and thrive. I feel so much more relaxed, known and loved. I wish that everyone around me had those skills – and we need them now more than ever.

I've been through hundreds of hours of coach training, and I wish that someone had just started out with the deep stuff right away. At the beginning, I learned a lot about action, goals, progress, success – and there's nothing wrong with that. Learning those skills did help me and my career. But I wish someone had embodied spiritual and identity alignment, so that my goals had more meaning, and my actions were deeply engrained and sustainable. It's taken me more than ten years to put the pieces together.

I feel most alive when I'm passing along the universal principles that have been transformational in my own life. The principles that allowed me to forgive, to see myself and others clearly, to be true to myself and my values, and to love beyond what I thought possible.

I want that so badly for you! And for us to have a big ripple effect together.

That's why I founded Awaken Coach Institute – welcome!

Our coach training is one of a kind.

Here's what sets Awaken Coach Institute apart from other coach training providers.

Our programs are for loving, brave people who are seeking spiritual alignment, belonging and bravery – not just a coaching credential.

Our programs are for the few, the daring, the ones who long to be more. Our courses go deeper than any other coaching course you will have done.

Every person who enrolls in our programs becomes part of building a world where self-compassion and empathy are the norm. Together, we all seek to become braver, more loving humans. 

Our teaching faculty are carefully chosen because they care deeply about creating a cohesive world which starts with depth of presence, solid connection to your values, and alignment between your spirituality and your actions.

If you're looking for deep-seated transformation, and not "just another certification", this is the course for you.

We accept only TWELVE students per cohort, because we want our students to have a personalized, expansive experience. We care deeply about you, and want to honor your presence with our undivided attention.

What's more, your Awaken certification never expires – meaning you don't have to apply for your ICF credential right away, you can take as long as you need, or choose to apply later down the line.

Awaken Coach Institute exists to make the world a braver and more loving place.

We train coaches to listen at depth, to awaken to the power of their own presence, and to be more loving than they've ever been before.

We equip and empower our coaches to be an example of what’s possible in every area of their lives — both personally and professionally.

Do you want to become a braver, more compassionate leader? 


Find Out More About Our All-In-One Coach Certificaton Course

You have what it takes to become an extraordinary coach.

Do you know what extraordinary coaches have in common?

They decide to be extraordinary.

They decide to have their own backs throughout the All-In-One Coach Certification Program and every area of their lives.

That’s it. It’s a decision.

It’s a commitment to themselves.

It’s managing their minds and developing productive emotions on purpose with the models and tools you’ll learn as you go through the All-In-One Coach Certification Program.

People just like you become amazing coaches. All because they decided to go all-in on themselves.

  • Awaken Coach Institute

    So incredibly thankful for the coaching course and your role in my life through leading this course. As others said today, it has truly transformed my life - in relationships (work and personal), potential direction of my career, opened the doors of possibility within my soul in many new ways...

    Christa Clumpner , Co-Executive Director/Founder Monarch Thrift Shop

  • Awaken Coach Institute

    Awaken Coach Institute have provided skills, confidence and insight into myself and what I can do to facilitate coaching as a catalyst to a world that is working for everyone… person by person.

    Deborah Ingersoll , Culture Builder - Coach - Systems Thinker

  • Awaken Coach Institute

    I have loved the training so far. I have really applied the material to my daily interactions and to my pro bono coaching sessions and I am growing. It has been a wonderful introspective journey so far. I am seeing things about myself that need to be adjusted in terms of communication style and I love that.

    Julie Alexander , Leadership & Executive Coach

  • Awaken Coach Institute

    I am lighter, kinder, and more accessible to my friends and family. As I continue to work on myself and put into practice what I am learning, especially during client sessions, I feel the difference in my disposition and my confidence is back. My clients are responding so positively and are grateful for this opportunity to share and have someone to listen to them.

    Louise Kibugi , Planning & Management - ICF-credentialed Coach - Clarity4D Business Partner

  • Awaken Coach Institute

    From the first moment I saw the website, and I read the write up, I had a great feeling that Awaken Coach Institute was the school I was being called to. What really solidified everything was the question Christi asked: do you promise to love and accept each person regardless of their background, beliefs, etc. When she asked that I knew it was the course I needed to take.

    Alvin Baldovino , Life Purpose Coach - Founder of Lakbay Sacred Journeys

  • Awaken Coach Institute

    I am grateful for all the insights and learnings I have had so far from this training. I feel I am more aware about myself and others and the need for me to connect with them by being present and also allowing myself to have a teachable spirit

    Hedaya Mundia , Home-maker and Educator - ICF Certified Coach

Our Virtual Programs

All-In-One Coach Certification

Become a braver, more compassionate leader and receive everything you need for your coach credential from the International Coaching Federation.

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Study at your own pace and gain professional coaching skills as you become a braver, more compassionate leader both personally and professionally.

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Group Coaching Certification Course

Achieve a greater impact as a coach in the transformational space that only happens in a group setting. For coaches with at least 60 hours of ICF-approved training

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At Awaken Coach Institute, we do coaching differently.

We're looking for loving, brave people who are seeking spiritual alignment, belonging and bravery – not just a coaching qualification.

Here's what we stand for.

  • Deep-seated transformation
  • Becoming a braver, more loving human
  • Inner reality shifts 
  • Spiritual and identity alignment
  • Personalized, expansive experiences
  • A world built on self-compassion and empathy

"I think of coaching as a way to let yourself be. It's this juicy, relaxed-yet-alive space between you and the other person, where the truth can be known."

– Christi Byerly, MCC

Awaken Coach Institute is recognized as an International Coaching Federation (ICF) Level 1 & Level 2 Accredited provider. 



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These mistakes keep them from finding fulfilling relationships and from discovering the joy and freedom of being their true selves.

Each lesson of this course offers you the recipe for righting those mistakes and discovering your inner peace, freedom and joy. 

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Making the world a braver, more loving place.

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