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Are you seeking a brave, loving space to tell your story and listen deeply to others?

Whether you're training to become a coach, working as a coach, or simply want to be a part of something beautiful and build a community around yourself, you belong here.

Here's the story behind the community we're building...

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Social justice pricing is available for our community and coaches memberships. If you need any further support, email communitycare@awakencoaching.com and one of our team will be happy to discuss. 

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Community Membership

For just $40 per month*, your membership includes all of the following:

  • Monthly Community Events including listening circles, movement sessions, story circles, grief gatherings and more
  • Coaching from Awaken Alumni who are working towards gaining or maintaining their ICF credentials, either pro bono or at a reduced rate
  • Online Community Access where you can have conversations and connect deeply with Awaken faculty, alumni and fellow members

Plus more benefits to follow as our community grows...

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*Social justice pricing from $20 per month

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Coaches Membership

For just $100 per month*, your membership includes everything in the Community Membership, plus:

  • Business Masterminds & Deepen Your Coaching Skills Workshops covering everything you need to know about starting up, sustaining, and growing your coaching businesses
  • Mentor Coaching and Coaching Supervision to improve your coaching skills and support you in achieving or maintaining your ICF credential
  • Peer Coaching to gain valuable experience

Plus more benefits to follow as our community grows...

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*Social justice pricing from $70 per month

I love you, and I'm so glad you're here.

If you’ve been around Awaken for a while, you know that we stand for love, bravery, and depth of listening


By choosing to join this membership community, you’re signing up to hear other’s stories from a sacred space in your heart, and to share your journey with others.


We expect depth, vulnerability, and healthy boundaries, and you’ll be learning more and more how to be that way. You can be fully "for" yourself without being "against" anyone else. We are all intrinsically valuable just because we're alive and human – so your perspective is worth hearing.


We want our behaviors to align with who we are at the depths of our spiritual being. That's a tall order, and you can count on the community being right by your side as we learn to be truly congruent people.

As the founder of this community, I promise the same – I will own my own stories and speak from my real, lived experience – all to serve you as you become who you want to be.

It's time to Awaken! You want to move toward love, depth of listening, trust and bravery, and spiritual alignment within yourself as you participate in our events, gatherings and discussions.

I love you and I’m so glad you’re here, and that you’ve chosen to show up and be real together.

In the Great Love,

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Christi Byerly, CEO & Founder of Awaken Coach Institute

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Awaken Membership Community (2)

Join with Community Membership

Be part of something beautiful and build a community around yourself with us and at home – including events, coaching and a private online space for just $40 per month

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Join with Coaches Membership

If you're working towards achieving or maintaining your ICF credential and growing and developing yourself as a coach, this is your space – membership is just $100 per month.

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We hold fortnightly introduction and Q&A calls where you can find out more about our communitycoaching qualifications and philosophy.

Whether you're exploring joining our membership community or taking one of our coaching courses, you're welcome to join us.