The self-study course includes all the training modules we cover during the in-person course. You'll gain wisdom from a wide number of fully credentialed coaches with thriving coaching practices. And the quizzes will help you cement your knowledge and motivate you to use what you've learned immediately in your community.

AND, if you decide to upgrade within the next two years, you can apply 100% of this purchase toward with the full professional Coach Certification Course, which includes weekly live elements and a certificate you can use toward your International Coaching Federation credential!

This program is delivered in English.


• Creating Brave Space: 
Become a person clients can trust with their dreams

• Definition of Coaching: 
Know when you’re coaching, as compared to mentoring, counseling, consulting, or befriending

• The Flow of a Coaching Conversation
Feel comfortable structuring the beginning, middle and end of a coaching session

• Coaching Models:
Learn a variety of coaching models you can rely on. Choose which model to use in real conversations

• Ethical Coaching Practice: 
Know how to operate your conversations within the International Coaching Federation ethical guidelines

• Embody the Coaching Mindset: 
Become an open, curious, flexible and client-centered person

• What Are Coaches Listening For?
Listen at 6 consecutively deeper and more nuanced levels 

• Establishing Coaching Agreements: 
Know how to partner with your client to set goals for the coaching engagement, and for each session

 Powerful Questions and other Coaching Responses
Ask more powerful questions and make more useful observations

• Coaching Presence: 
Use your head, heart and gut intelligence to manage your own emotions and stay observant, empathetic and responsive to the client. 

• Evoking Awareness through Language and Metaphor:
Challenge, observe, intuit and play with language to increase your client’s choice

• Cultivating Trust and Safety:
Become an adaptable person who can respect each client’s identity and uniqueness: environment, experiences, values and beliefs, perceptions, style and language

• Celebrating Progress and Success: 
At the halfway mark, celebrate how far you’ve come and set learning objectives for the remaining class time. Learn to do the same with your clients.

• Using Silence in Coaching: Notice your client’s thinking patterns, eye movements and reflection periods for a deeper and richer coaching experience

• From Insight to Action: 
Know when and how to move toward designing actions and behavior change

• What Is Reality?:
Learn a communications model that increases your ability to respect your client’s map of the world 

• How Beliefs are Structured: 
Change limiting beliefs and reinforce resourceful beliefs

Coaching with Values
Know how to recognize fear-based and love-based values and work with your client’s values hierarchy

• Coaching Big Emotions:
Learn to recognize a variety of emotions, accept them, become curious about them and bring kindness to them

• Coaching With Idealized and Unwanted Identity Beliefs
Recognize idealized and unwanted identities and their associated shame triggers. Learn to bring empathy, kindness and non-judgment, and to help your clients integrate their identities.

• Taking Care of Yourself: 
Best practices for self-regulation, self-compassion and self-care.

• Coaching for Teams and Groups:
Lead teams and groups effectively. Learn logistics and coaching models to work with groups

• Closures and Endings in Coaching:
Partner with clients to close a coaching session and a coaching engagement

• Getting Your First Client: Learn the foundation to start building your business and marketing! 

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Bring Them To The Table!


Build a More Empathic World

When I'm with someone who is congruent within themselves, and who has expert listening skills, I can grow and change and thrive. I feel so much more relaxed, known and loved. I keep wishing that everyone around me had those skills--we need them now more than ever.

I've been through hundreds of hours of coach training, and I wish that someone had just started out with the deep stuff right away. At the beginning, I learned a lot about action, goals, progress, success--nothing wrong with those. And learning those skills did help me and my career. But I wish someone had embodied spiritual and identity alignment, so that my goals had more meaning, and my actions were deeply engrained and sustainable. It's taken me more than 10 years to put the pieces together.

Over the years, I find that I feel most alive when I'm passing along the universal principles that have been so transformational in my own life. The principles that allowed me to forgive, to see myself and others clearly, to be true to myself and my values, and to love beyond what I thought possible. I want that so badly for you! And for us to have a big ripple effect together.

So, watch out! This is not your average, transactional-level coaching course. This is for the few, the daring, the ones who long to be more. This course goes deep.

When you participate in building a world where self-compassion and empathy are the norm, you can become a braver and more loving human being. As your inner reality shifts, you'll start to notice changes in your environment. It will extend to everyone who comes in contact with you.

Our faculty cares deeply about creating a cohesive world; which starts with a depth of presence, a solid connection to your values, and alignment between your spirituality and your actions. 

If you're interested in deep-seated transformation, this is the program for you.

With great love, 


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Release Fear-Based Paradigms

The Awaken Coach Institute Professional Coach Certification course is built to internationally recognized standards developed by the International Coaching Federation. Your certification will be an asset to your resumé if you feel coaching is part of your career path. And you are already becoming aware that you want to become a kinder person and a better listener. 

If you're like me, you weren't taught much about your emotions and thoughts, or about human interaction in our society. Suddenly, we're finding ourselves confined, and there's no hiding from our emotions or our relationships.

Uncertainty, anxiety and even grief start to bubble up and we lack the emotional skills that help us be more centered and compassionate. Being with oneself becomes very challenging… let alone being with other people who are having a hard time.

While we navigate these unprecedented times, parents are learning to talk to their kids, and spouses and colleagues are learning to listen to each other. Leaders are digging deeper than ever before.

This program is a stretching experience in which you’ll learn the depth of how valuable you are and how loving, brave and kind you can become as a person.

By releasing fear-based paradigms that prevent us from connecting with those we love the most, we learn that loving and accepting ourselves fully also means we can find the human connection we are longing for.

Once you see the Divine in you, you can see the Divine in everyone around you. 

This is a chance to embody your light and become the best version of yourself possible.

Christi Byerly, MCC - founder and CEO

Christi's coaching process motivates you to build a community of empathy and grace around you — and to live your mission as part of something bigger than you are. 

Christi has trained hundreds of new coaches in French and English since 2014 and has mentored dozens of coaches-in-training. She maintains a thriving coaching practice and has been coaching professionally since 2009, after graduating from the International Coach Academy. 

Christi holds a Master NLP certificate, as well as certifications in spiritual direction, group coaching, depth coaching, Enneagram work and mentor coaching. She is a Certified Daring GreatlyTM Facilitator.

Married to Ben, she is the mom of three young people and lives in Alsace on the French, Swiss, and German borders.


  • ICF - Master Certified Coach®️
  • NLP Master Practitioner
  • Spiritual Accompaniment Certified
  • Certified Daring Greatly™ and Certified Dare to Lead™ facilitator
  • Degrees in Communications and French
  • Organizational and Relational Systems Coaching
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This is the right program for you if...

• You want to help build a more compassionate world

You want people to feel and know that being listened to deeply and with love can help us all become braver and more compassionate.

• You believe listening with love can open the door to possibility

You've experienced the magic that happens when a truly grounded person listens with love to another. You want to become that person.

• You have a calling to help people reach their higher potential

You're the person people want to tell their stories to. You love to listen, and it's frustrating to know that you could really help people transform - you're just not sure how yet. 

• You want to unleash your own brave inner warrior

You're ready for a shift in your own life. You want more self compassion, more community, and to live more alive and brave and loving than ever before. 

• You want people to live from their soul and passion

You know what it feels like to be scared, and to feel trapped by the expectations of others. You broke free (or you will in this course) and are ready to walk people into the light.

• You’ve had dormant dreams but not a lot of clarity

Through this experience, you’ll know what makes you so valuable and why your contribution is important. The soul doesn’t care about the scale--whether you are reaching five people or five thousand. It only cares that you are showing up as yourself. The outcome will take care of itself.

  • Awaken Coach Institute

    “So incredibly thankful for the coaching course and your role in my life through leading this course. As others said today, it has truly transformed my life - in relationships (work and personal), potential direction of my career, opened the doors of possibility within my soul in many new ways...”

    from the USA

  • Awaken Coach Institute

    “Awaken Coach Institute (YOU) have provided skills, confidence and insight into myself and what I can do to facilitate coaching as a catalyst to a world that is working for everyone… person by person.”

    from Germany

  • Awaken Coach Institute

    “You can't match the combined wealth of experience and knowledge of the course leaders. They each brought their own unique expertise and background to the course. Furthermore, they were extremely generous with their time and resources both inside and outside of class. They created a safe space where we could learn and experiment with our coaching and trusted us to learn at a deep level from the beginning. I had a choice of many courses, but am so grateful that I chose this one!”

    Director of Research and Impact, Thrive World Wide

  • Awaken Coach Institute

    “Using coaching techniques resulted in an immediate positive shift in communication with my family and expanded conversation with clients. Coaching is the tool I didn’t know I needed. The training was a valuable investment and has already provided a great return on investment! ”

    Coach and Christian Counselor M.A.

  • Awaken Coach Institute

    “I would tell a friend to embrace the opportunities the course offers; leave space after for reflection; and know that your coaching skills will improve. [...] On a personal level, this course has helped me to 'declutter' my life and move forward on a project that's important for me.”

    Executive Director, 28 Too Many

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