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Amber Stroh

My name is Amber Stroh, Certified Life and Business Coach at Amber Stroh Coaching. I help people in sales create the business they dream of by transforming and uncovering their self-identity so that they can create the life they desire and the income to match. 

I have wrestled with anxiety and self-doubt for most of my life. It wasn't until I had my son that I knew things had to change. One morning I was getting ready for work, my husband had just gotten back from dropping Leo off at daycare and it hit me... I finally allowed myself to process all of my trauma from my upbringing. I had gone to therapy many years prior, but I never had the capacity to fully process the trauma.

At that moment, I allowed it, allowed myself to feel it, allowed myself to accept it. After that moment, I realized for the first time in my life, the way we view ourselves, our deepest self-beliefs can change. We are ALLOWED to change them. When I discovered coaching it provided me with the opportunity to find my true identity and I decided to let go of the beliefs that no longer served me and rewrite them to serve the future I desired! I want to help you do the same by finding your true self and making your dreams happen.   

I have 13 years of experience in sales and sales management and have experienced many self-beliefs that prevented me from achieving my dreams. I have been exactly where you are and am here to tell you there is no secret trait to success, it’s all up to the beliefs you have about yourself. My vision for Amber Stroh Coaching is to create a space for you to learn to love yourself unconditionally and accept all parts of who you are.  

I am a wife, a mom to a beautiful toddler, a dog mom to a German Shepard, and a human. I can't wait to speak with you! 

Location: Omaha, Nebraska, USA
Specialization: Professional life and business coach for women
Phone: 402-597-2042

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Anna López de Guereñu

Hi! I am Anna López de Guereñu, and, apparently, I am seriously struggling with defining myself 😉

I currently live in Berlin, Germany, and work as a postdoc in Physics. However, I have always had a passion for psychology and spirituality, and after an identity crisis that struck me last year, decided to go for the lifelong dream of becoming a facilitator and joined the Awakened community in the beginning of 2022. Since I can remember, I have been reading everything I could lay my hands on that had to do with psychology, philosophy, and spirituality, and with the development of internet the pool of information available to me had skyrocketed (a blessing and a curse!). I have been practicing yoga and meditation for the past 9 years, studied Ayurveda, nutrition, astrology, and principles of cognitive and dialectical behavioral therapy. Due to my personal history, I have also had over 600 hours of therapy and other sorts of facilitation, which has transformed me and my life much more than I could ever explain. I feel like being a coach allows me to apply all these things in an integrated manner to help others and get to know myself from a different perspective in this new role (I feel like I learn more about myself through my clients than they learn from me 😉). So, I am excited for this new chapter of my life!

Aside from all that, I am also very passionate about classical literature and music (I studied classical piano for 10 years in a conservatory), restless – I travel at any given chance – and curious. I love nature and animals, but also big cities and art in all forms, I love listening to people's stories and telling my own. I also did ballet for 8 years as a kid – but that didn't really lead anywhere – except for the hyperactivity and need for movement. I feel like I am forgetting half of the things I wanted to include, but the most important thing is that I am extremely grateful to be here, to be a part of this wonderful community, and I can't wait to get to know so many of you, hear your stories, learn from you, and share the beautiful and vulnerable space that coaching helps us create!

Feel free to contact me at avlopes187@gmail.com

Location: Berlin, Germany.
Specialization: Life Purpose Coach

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Carolin Averbeck, ACC

Serving people as a trusted partner and helping them thrive to make a difference in an ever-changing, complex, and inter-connected world – that is what is driving me. I am passionate about helping people shift their perspective to take new choices in acting, leading, and co-creating.

I believe that more than ever, our world needs people who are ready to develop their inner abilities and to evolve continuously. To me, it all starts with awareness. Being aware of ourselves enables us to deeply connect to ourselves, to others, and to our planet. Cultivating our awareness helps us spark our curiosity, evoke our compassion, and enables us to gain new perspectives. It helps shift our mindset and empowers us to make bold moves. And it expands the range of how we act as leaders, co-creators, and as a collective.

My most personal coaching program is dedicated to Women. Women who want to be their true self and live their talents and gifts. Women, who long for meaning and purpose, and for making a difference. Women, who work so hard to make it all happen. And yet, deep inside, they feel a little empty. Maybe they don’t feel themselves, anymore. Maybe they feel they don’t really know themselves, anymore. I feel you. I have been there. From Woman to Woman, I create that space for you where you can reconnect to yourself. To embrace who you really are and to live your true self.

You can contact me at carolin.averbeck@gmail.com.


  • ICF – Associate Certified Coach
  • Practitioner, Organization and Systems Relationship Coaching
  • Certified Team Gestalter


Daniele Fiandaca

I am Daniele Fiandaca, a certified business coach at Token Man Consulting. With a coaching style that is warm, purposeful, and vibrant, I work with clients to achieve their business goals by helping them become more inclusive leaders who are culturally intelligent, empathetic and vulnerable.

I have been on my own journey of self discovery, transforming from being a CEO in the advertising industry to an inclusion and diversity consultant who has worked with a diverse range of clients which include Alexander McQueen, Coca-Cola Europacific Partners, Google, Kellogg’s, KP Snacks, Merlin Entertainment, Nestlé, Pepsico, Rolls Royce, Unilever and Universal Music. Ultimately my core passion is creating workplaces that are inclusive, equitable and diverse and that requires leaders who have the skills and the confidence to create those cultures.

My other passions include travel and movies. I believe in the power of storytelling and that movies are the ultimate empathy engine. My favourite film ever is Nuovo Cinema Paradiso while most recently I absolutely loved Another round and The Banshees of Inisherin.

If you are looking to become a more inclusive leader, I would love to hear from you.

Feel free to e-mail me at daniele@tokenman.org

Location: London, UK
Phone: +44 7976 826 194

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Deb Ingersoll, ACC

I am passionate about facilitating leaders on their journey to creating a culture that works for more people and more varied people to thrive. In coaching individuals, I provide space for discovery of authenticity. My website quotes, “When you’ve found your purpose, your ability to have an impact in positive ways will be transformed.”

My work has included large corporations, small start-ups, and, more recently, humanitarian organisations. My background in systems thinking, strategic leadership, culture curation, design, innovation, and technology has led me to a new venture; a master’s degree with research focused on creating the systemic conditions for behaviour-linked values.

I love to talk with people who have been considering who their authentic self truly is. My coaching provides a safe space so they can find their purpose to unleash a life they love.

I'm a 2020 graduate of Awaken and certified through the ICF. I'm a deep listener and lover of nature, adventure, and creativity. I love to explore the world on my bike and hike with my husband, kids, and friends. I am based in Germany.

Feel free to reach me out at deb@complexityuntangled.com


  • ICF - Associate Certified Coach

Location: Germany
Phone: +49 0170 708 6578

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Evelyn Wolf

I am Evelyn Wolf, the founder of Ewolve Coaching. I’m a certified Life and Business Coach, African Yoga Instructor and Thai Massage Therapist and use this colorful skillset to help people in finding their own, unique balance in their busy life so that they stay healthy and fit long-term, and consciously choose what to focus their energy on so that they can enjoy the life of their dreams.

I have experienced myself how fast you get caught up in the busy life of doing and achieving things, serving and being there for others. Especially, when I am passionate about a project and I really want it to succeed, I often used to forget about my boundaries and just went all in.

I thought I was really aware of my behavior having lived half of my life with the consequences of my dad’s stroke at age 40 and him sitting in a wheelchair since after having managed his passion company through a crisis. I really thought I was very health-conscious, always making sure something similar would not happen to me and still, at a very early age I was diagnosed with a spinal disc herniation. This was really shocking to me and woke me up.

I decided to invest more time and energy in exploring what was at the base of this trauma and realized through the help of various coaches that I had picked up on many unhelpful beliefs that my parents unconsciously had passed on to me.

Gaining awareness of those beliefs, values, and identities that I had learned since my early childhood really helped me to accept, let go and create more space and more choice around how I want to navigate my life in a truly healthy and sustainable way while creating the long-term impact, I was always striving for.

I want to help you to do the same by helping you in finding your own balance, really taking care of yourself and your needs, and consciously choosing what to focus your time and energy on.

Since the stroke of my dad when I was 14 years old, I have been on a journey learning more about health, relaxation and balance. I dived deeper into different methods of meditation, various styles of yoga and breathing techniques and have found that coaching for me was the unlocking key that has helped me to get to the root of my unhelpful behaviors enabling me to integrate all these other tools more profoundly.

I understand that it might not be easy to make space for coaching and self care, I understand that there are a million things that need your attention and I understand that sometimes somebody else’s problems seem way more important and urgent than your own ones.

You know what really is the most important?

That you can do all these things that you love and care about long-term. I am here to hold space for you to create that balance in your life so that you can really make an long lasting impact while enjoying each step of your life to the fullest.

You can reach me via evelynwolf@gmail.com.

Location: Berlin, Germany and Mexico 
Specialization: Depth and Transformational Coach for Social Entrepreneurs (and those who want to become one)

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Frann Wageneck

I am a former school district Assistant Superintendent of Student Services. During 25 years as an educator, I served as an athletic coach, teacher, school counselor, assistant principal, principal, and district administrator. My greatest joy as a public school educator was when I was able to foster leadership in others!

I am now a leadership and development coach who works primarily, but not exclusively, with leaders in the education and not for profit sectors. My work is focused on building a person’s leadership capacity by assisting in building self awareness and helping my clients understand and bring clarity to how they operate in the system within which they work and live. In addition, I aid the client in making the move from where they are now to where they want to be, whether it’s practical changes in job roles or career stage, personal changes or making changes in response to emotional pressures and changes to the world around them.

I love ANY conversation where the client makes the decision to embrace their authentic self!

I'm living in Santa Barbara, California with my partner and our furry friends. I enjoy water sports, hiking, golf, reading, and I am an avid San Francisco Giants fan!

You can email me at frann@fluxcoachconsult.com

Location: Santa Barbara, California, USA.
Specialization: Leadership.
Phone: +1 805-896-2717

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Joanna Bartel

Interpersonal relationship navigation is very fun for me, and talking about what are the hurdles and difficult next steps that need to be taken for goals and dreams. Let’s talk about it and learn more about ourselves.

Play, relationships, and “make it happen” are all core to who I am. I have a background in non profit management, and am not working with an executive communication firm. My side gig is a mobile trailer bar that I renovated during covid! I love meeting new people and would love to meet you soon as well!

Looking forward to reading you at joannaclark425@gmail.com

Location: San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA.
Specialization: Communication, Conflict & Leadership.
Phone: +1 415 590 0130

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Kaitlyn Turner

I'm an Awaken Coach Institute Alum living in Seattle, Wa. I'm a natural hype woman and I love gathering people. My sweet spot is co-creating a sacred space for women to deepen their knowing and integrate parts of themselves they've cast out. I love coaching women around the topics of desire and sovereignty and working with clients who are in spiritual transitions.

Embodiment is central to how I engage my life and work. I love helping people get more settled in their own bone and sinew and trust the depths of knowing deep in their bellies. Jungian Psychology and Attachment Theory are a couple schools of thought that influence my work and my worldview. I think play heals, relationships are everything and adventure is waiting!   

My favorite place to be is on the water - on my boat, in a kayak, swimming, you name it! When I'm not on the water, I'm usually in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest with my partner, Peter, and my new pup, Solo.

Reach me out at kaitlyn@karacoaching.com

Specialization: Transformational Coach
+1 925-989-2120

Kristen Unger

I am the founder of Sunbird Bookkeeping Services, and find joy in bringing peace and order to other business owners' finances. I graduated from Awaken Coach Institute in the Spring of 2021 and have loved connecting coaching with my bookkeeping practice.

I am currently living in Madagascar, where my husband is a missionary pilot and our three children keep us on our toes. I have the privilege of coaching at a local ministry here in Madagascar, as well as coaching online business owners around the world who seek clarity in their finances.

I love coaching women with big hearts who are changing the world, either by living or ministering cross-culturally, or making a difference through their business. I love to talk to women business-owners to help them get clarity in their finances or figure out how to organize their business bookkeeping.

You can email me at kristen@sunbirdbookkeeping.com.

Location: Madagascar
Specialization: Coaching Around Business or Personal Finances  //  Coaching Women in Cross-Cultural Ministry
+1 ‪(612) 440-5583‬

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Leani du Toit, ACC

My name is Leani du Toit, Certified Soul Care and Transition Coach at Leani du Toit Coaching. I help soul-fatigued women who juggle a career and other responsibilities to rediscover their unique significance and inner strength.

I am a wife to one husband – Francois. Adopted mother to one baby girl – Leila. Novice gardener in a desert environment, failed housewife, staff to three cats and friend to two sheepdogs. I live in a tiny little village called Philippolis where random cows and horses graze on my sidewalk.

I am a white African – born and raised in South Africa. I cut my cross-cultural teeth in the international non-profit and humanitarian sectors. I spent my twenties as a licensed architect and my thirties as a leadership and community developer. My fourth decade was focused on learning how to be a wife, non-profit business partner with my husband while moving to a desert ecozone called the Upper Karoo in South Africa and starting a self-sustaining retreat and vocational skills training centre together. Then came Leila and motherhood – which I am still figuring out three years later!

Most of my clients function in a leadership role either professionally or in their family structure or both. Many live and work cross-culturally which brings its own unique challenges and opportunities to explore together. Deep transformational coaching is my preferred methodology for the application of my multi-disciplinary background to serve my clients.

I am now an ICF ACC accredited coach, having first trained in 2020. In 2022, I completed three Awaken courses - the Professional Coaching program, Mentor Coaching, and Group Coaching.

I am a certified pastoral narrative therapist (2009) and trauma debriefer (2016). My other qualifications include a bachelor’s degree in architecture (1998) and a Master’s degree in writing, leadership and creativity (2007).

It brings me deep joy to edify, connect and celebrate strong women. Through one-on-one coaching, my Wild Reverent group coaching cohorts and retreats, I use digital hospitality and community to create rich and gentle spaces of belonging for determined women who often feel like they are “too much” or “too intense” for other more traditional female gatherings.

My formal training in theology, decades of grassroots service alongside marginalised women and my personal recovery from sexual, spiritual and professional abuse provide the bedrock of my coaching niche: restoring dignity, sacred purpose and raw beauty.

Do you feel tired and resentful of trying to be available to everybody else all the time?
Are you growing increasingly uncomfortable with what you thought your role “should” be at your workplace, in your marriage or faith community?
Do you experience guilt at the thought of dreaming new, bold dreams for yourself?
Do you long for just reconnecting with your authentic fearless self again or perhaps for the first time?

You can contact me at leanidutoit.coaching@gmail.com


  • ICF ACC coach

  • Certified Professional Life Coach

  • Certified Trauma Debriefer

  • Certified Pastoral Narrative Therapist

  • BArch, MAMC

Location: Philippolis, South Africa
Executive, Spiritual & Soul Care Coaching
Phone: +27 82 693 3302

Nanci Hogan, ACC

I am a highly gifted and highly sensitive maverick who knows what it's like to always be ahead of the curve and to be a misfit as a visionary and idealist. I constantly envision what life could and should be like and am usually at least 10 years ahead of my time, which can be very lonely.

Throughout my life I rebelled against any status quo that would limit my growth and the growth of others that I care about. I hate bullies! I have worked in different senior leadership positions in the charitable, private and public sector where, although productive, I didn’t feel at ease or at home. I'm happiest being a social entrepreneur who loves coming alongside others to fulfil their own creative vision and purpose.

I am one of the original co-founders of Thrive World and I founded two different departments within a large international organization. I've been involved as a thought leader in human flourishing since September 11, 2001, when the Twin Towers collapsed. Throughout my career both as a social entrepreneur, coach, consultant, writer and political activist and lobbyist at the local, national, regional and international levels, I have formally and informally coached and mentored people so that they can fulfil their purpose in life.

I focus on holistic flourishing in my work, writing and coaching which encompasses the flourishing of body, mind, soul and spirit. I've developed a model of individual and organizational thriving for Thrive Worldwide which has become their primary model of change.

Additionally, I have developed the tools of an ethic of love, wise truth, playful subversion, humor, imagination and co-creative abundance to help people create sustainable social change and transformation in areas of injustice that concern them.

I love helping women who are at a stage in their life where they want to make a social impact and are interested in leaving a legacy of transformation and social change in their wake.

I also love working with women to see them liberated from patriarchal ideologies and patriarchal forms of religion that hold them back so they can then achieve their purpose and vision for their life.

Finally, I especially love coaching women who are at cross-roads in their life. These people are women who want to make a difference in the world, using their gifts and abilities but perhaps don't know where to begin. Maybe they're coming out of a fundamentalist religion or ideology, and they've not been able to make their full contribution to the world in the way they envision. Or they may also be highly gifted, highly sensitive and empathic women who are so multi-talented and visionary that they don’t know how or where to focus their energies. They may be misfits, not knowing where they belong and how to capitalize on their vast wealth of experiences, talents and knowledge. I have been where they’ve been and can help provide signposts on their journey.

I want to help women to be liberated to fully flourish so that they can help others on their journeys towards freedom and flourishing. I love helping them discover their own unique gifts, talents, experiences, spirituality and creativity.

To be spiritual is to be creative and everyone is creative!

Feel free to reach me out at nkhogan60@gmail.com


  • ICF - Associate Certified Coach

Location: Leighton Buzzard, United Kingdom
Coaching Mavericks Who Chaff Against the Status Quo.
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Phone: +44 777 971 8796

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Sara Burback

My name is Sara, and I'm a certified coach through Awaken Coach Institute. I'm a wife, friend, Returned Peace Corps Volunteer, and runner who is passionate about engaging with women to help them identify their desires and purposefully pursue them.

I was inspired to become a coach after experiencing how transformative and inspiring coaching can be, both personally and professionally.

I love talking with women who are ready to empower themselves! As a runner, I especially love talking with women who would like to set new goals for their physical fitness and establish mental resilience along that journey toward a new finish line.

I'm here to listen to women about what gives them life and purpose and identify clear steps to intentionally move forward towards their goals with resilience.

Feel free to contact me at sara.burback@gmail.com.

Location: Washington, DC, USA
Mental resilience in running, career & relationships
 +1 9515325985

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Valeyne Grotrian, PCC

Hi there! I’m Valeyne (val-EEN) and I have a heart for the legacy-minded, soul-centered leaders among you. In 2017, I founded Agora Coaching & Training Solutions, a collective for leaders that want to trust themselves more fully and confidently stand in their inner power.

Regardless of job title, your desire for meaningful contribution is a healing salve to an aching world that desperately needs what only you can uniquely offer. Yet, in both my personal and observed experience, I’ve seen just how common it is for leaders to get stuck in exhausting cycles that keep us small and questioning our ‘enoughness’, only to diminish our desired impact.

Some of the most pervasive cycles that come up in my own experiences, as well as in conversations with other Agora Leaders include, imposter syndrome, people-pleasing, perfectionism, overthinking/analysis paralysis, comparison, seeking external validation, hustling until burnout, downplaying, emotional avoidance/numbing out and the list goes on.

If you can relate, I know just how much you long for freedom from these conditioned cycles. I want you to know that you are not alone and this conditioning is not your fault. In my experience awakening the fullness of our impact requires a vastly different approach than what is generally offered within organizations, through most corporate training programs or what is directly and indirectly taught to us by our upbringing, society or culture. Freedom from our cycles and standing in our inner power is just on the other side of radical self-trust and acceptance. From this place, you can unlock a life of extraordinary impact for yourself and those you serve.

My greatest desire is to be a doorway for you to approach your "inner work" so you can experience freedom to be the most authentic expression of yourself every day. I’d love to meet you in my free community, The Agora Collective, which you can join from my website.


  • PCC Credential Holder & PCC Certified Assessor through the International Coaching Federation (ICF)

  • Triple-Certified Professional Coach (CPC) - Awaken Coach Institute (2021), Gallup CliftonStrengths® Coach (2017), International Coach Academy (2012)

  • Psychology in Leadership Certification through eCornell University

  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Training Practitioner through CPP

  • Senior Faculty at Awaken Coach Institute

Location: Crystal Lake, Illinois, USA
“Inner Leader” Coach for legacy-minded and soul-centered leaders

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