How Empowerment Coaching Can Help You Unlock Your Full Potential

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I was in a coach training on a Friday afternoon with a man who considers himself a real champion of women's empowerment. At one point he taught our group of mainly women, “It’s so important that I, as a white man, learn to give away my power.”

From his perspective, I’m sure that felt true. To me, and the other women in the room, it felt gross. Something about the way he said it proved that he believed deep inside that he inherently has and deserves the power he has in excess, and we could feel a palpable smugness wafting from him as he showed himself to be the bigger person.

The only problem with being the bigger person is that it makes another the smaller person. The only problem with giving away power is the assumption that the other person doesn’t naturally possess the exact same amount of power and agency.

The truth about empowerment coaching is that all people have inherent worth of exactly equal value. Promoting a sense of personal empowerment, in another person is to see that person truthfully, at a fundamental level.

Empowerment coaching recognizes that each person’s self-worth, their ability to determine their own choices, and their right to influence social change for themselves and others are their birthrights. It’s an honoring way of seeing that doesn’t require anyone to be anything other than themselves.

Recognizing Inherent Power

In empowerment coaching, recognizing inherent power in our clients is one of our core beliefs. A crucial aspect of our practice is not to perceive people as less powerful or smaller. Rather, we strive to honor and respect each one’s inherent worth, understanding that they hold within them immense power and potential.

We see this power as a seed of potential within every client waiting to be nurtured, to grow, and eventually to blossom. As empowerment coaches, we play the role of a confidence coach, fostering self-belief in our clients, and encouraging them to step beyond their limiting beliefs.

This notion does not merely stem from an ideological standpoint. It draws from robust life coaching methodologies that reinforce the idea that everyone possesses the innate ability to influence their life trajectory, create social change, and make their own choices.

self empowerment depicted as a seed growing into a seedling then plant

The task of an empowerment coach is akin to a gardener, providing the conditions for growth but not imposing a predetermined shape or direction. We don't confer power; instead, we guide our clients to discover and appreciate the power already within them.

People come to us with their unique stories, dreams, challenges, and goals. Our responsibility as an empowerment life coach is to support them in navigating their journey. Whether they are grappling with limiting beliefs, seeking confidence, or striving to assert themselves, we use our coaching presence to help them recognize what is already inside of themselves.

Our role extends to their personal and career lives, providing guidance and support for success in both spheres.

Women's Empowerment Coaching

The concept of inherent power is the lifeblood of our work as empowerment coaches, threading through every conversation and decision. It's not just about providing a service; it's about sparking a transformation that endures long after the coaching relationship concludes.

The process begins by creating brave spaces—environments where our clients feel safe and comfortable to explore their feelings, beliefs, and dreams. As an empowerment coach, you serve as a supportive pillar, enabling them to question their thoughts, probe their self-doubt, and support their process toward empowering beliefs.

life coaching session between two women

In this journey, empowering women becomes a focus area, addressing unique challenges and harnessing their inner strengths. Women's empowerment coaching is particularly relevant in a world that often undermines women's self-confidence and self-esteem. Women who pursue their deepest desires fuel change world-wide.

The Art of Powerful Questions

Our clients' empowerment lies in their hands. Our role as coaches is to assist them in drawing out their hidden strengths and capabilities. One of the most effective ways we can help clients do this is by mastering the art of powerful questions. Thought-provoking, open-ended questions spark introspection, fostering self-awareness and insight.

Personal Development Through Empowerment Coaching

Personal development is at the heart of empowerment coaching. Our clients uncover the tools to face their fears, work skillfully with their emotions, and make decisions that align with their values. They gain an understanding of their neurological levels, enabling them to connect with their core self and lead their lives with authenticity.

Empowerment coaching transcends the realm of the personal, impacting professional growth, intimate relationships, and how individuals perceive their place in the world.

Clients begin to feel empowered in their lives, develop healthier boundaries, and enjoy more fulfilling relationships. They learn to silence their critical voice, replace self-doubt with self-confidence, and achieve their professional goals.

Embracing the Journey of Coaching

Embarking on the path of empowerment coaching is not just about becoming a good coach—it's about embracing a journey of personal transformation. The lessons we learn as empowerment coaches often mirror the teachings we impart, reinforcing our conviction in the power of the process.

An empowerment coach coaching her client

The coaching business is not about selling services—it's about selling dreams, not as fanciful illusions but as attainable realities. Every experienced empowerment coach knows the satisfaction of witnessing a client transition from self-doubt to self-assuredness, from fear to bravery, and most importantly, from dreaming to becoming.

Becoming an Empowerment Coach

If you find resonance in the principles of empowerment coaching and wish to contribute to this rewarding field, numerous certification programs can equip you with the necessary skills. By becoming a certified life coach, you get the opportunity to change lives—one coaching session at a time.

Whether you choose to focus on one-on-one coaching or group sessions, remember that your goal is to help your clients feel both brave and safe as they step outside their comfort zone.

Empowering People To Embrace Their Emotions

Emotional integration is a key aspect of the empowerment coaching process. Drawing from the teachings of emotional integration experts such as Karla McLaren, we encourage our clients to embrace all emotions, including those they may have previously perceived as negative or overwhelming.

McLaren emphasizes the concept of 'empathic mindfulness,' the process of welcoming all emotions without judgment, including those commonly seen as “bad”. This approach does not focus on controlling or eliminating emotions.

Instead, it encourages a deep understanding and acceptance of emotions as valuable signals about our needs, boundaries, and circumstances.

Clients expressing emotions while their life coaches listen and give support

Applying those principles, a good coach can help their clients to recognize and understand their emotions in a compassionate and non-judgmental way.

We, as coaches, help clients see their emotions not as hindrances to success but as tools that provide valuable information about their inner world and external interactions.

For instance, feelings of fear or self-doubt, instead of being suppressed, are recognized as signals that a person might be stepping out of their comfort zone or facing a situation that requires more preparation or support. In the same vein, emotions such as anger might indicate a breach of personal boundaries or unfair treatment.

By embracing all their emotions and learning to decode their messages, our clients can navigate their personal and professional lives more effectively. They can make decisions that align with their authentic selves, set healthy boundaries, and pursue their goals with greater self-awareness and confidence.

Through empathic mindfulness, they can also better understand their emotional responses, separate from their reactions, and make more conscious choices on how to act. In this way, they harness their emotions as a tool for growth, and align their actions with their deeply held beliefs, making for a more fulfilling, empowered life.

Building a Solid Foundation

As empowerment coaches, we help our clients build a solid foundation on which they can base their personal and professional growth. This involves creating strategies to identify and manage self-doubt, cultivating self-esteem, and developing a positive, empowering inner dialogue.

Our goal is to help clients feel confident, deserving, and ready to pursue their deepest desires. In doing so, we assist them in creating the lives they not only dream of but truly deserve.

The Power of Community

We at Awaken acknowledge the power of community. We are not isolated beings but part of an interconnected network of relationships. As such, our coaching approach encompasses not just self-care, but also community care.

women life coaches in a group meeting for support and community

By fostering a sense of community, we help our clients feel supported and empowered in their journey. They learn to draw strength from their relationships, contributing to their personal empowerment while also empowering those around them.

The Journey of Empowerment Coaching

Empowerment coaching is more than a profession—it's a calling. As a personal empowerment coach, you have the privilege of witnessing and facilitating profound transformation in your clients' lives.

Are you ready to embrace this journey? Do you feel called to empower others, helping them unlock their full potential and transform their lives? Remember, the world needs great empowerment coaches, individuals willing to embrace this meaningful work with authenticity, kindness, and courage.

Whether you're an experienced life coach or new to the field, there's always room to learn and grow. We invite you to explore our FREE Q&A Call. Together, let's create a more empowered world.

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