How many spoonfuls are left?

Today, we are gifted with a guest post from my dear friend and coaching colleague, Eva Leparakuo from Kenya. I think you'll love her perspective on honey....

"As a young entrepreneur still learning business, sometimes the math doesn't add up...for now. This morning, as I picked up the honey jar which had about a teaspoon of honey left, I sighed. Honey, or any extra shopping, was not in the budget this week. As I scooped out what was left and slowly washed out the jar, someone asked, "Did you see the new jar of honey I got you?"

Lo and behold, as I walked back into the pantry, right behind the near-empty jar I had just picked up was a full, giant family-sized jar of honey! I opened it up with joy and topped up the teaspoon for my morning cuppa.

How had I missed the new jar?

And it came to me... I had been so focused on the upcoming lack that my eyes simply couldn't see the new provision. As the honey decreased through the week, I focused on its decreasing. And then it was inevitably over. My eyes and heart had been constantly and consistently fixed on the upcoming lack, clouding my mind over time to the extent that, even if the solution or blessing was right in front of me, I couldn't perceive it.

After all, the mind sees what it is fed. And I had fed mine the vision of lack, rather than the vision of reality, which was enough. I was literally already living in the land "full of milk and honey" and hadn't seen it.

So, where is your heart today? Are you focusing a fearful heart on the certainty of upcoming lack, thinking that you're practicing planning, wisdom, and prudence?

What if, by faith, you can see what's real? That the provision is already there. That the care you need may arrive early and unexpectedly. That you might not have to work for it - it may be a gift. That your provision may come in a giant, abundant jar.

If dread fills your thoughts, dread of doing something that you need to do but feel exhausted about in advance, what if you replace that dread with faith, hope, and love? There may already be enough for you."

Thank you, Eva! What a wonderful wellness coach you are! I needed these good words today. 

What about you, ? What are you focusing on? What might be possible when your heart allows for some faith?

With great love, 

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