How Mindset Coaching Can Improve Your Flow

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Those of you who know me well remember that I struggled for about eight years with panic attacks. I remember being nine months pregnant, walking the halls of the Rayburn building in Washington, DC to convince the powers that be to enact a piece of legislation that would benefit my company. 

I was exhausted, but kept pushing myself to do more, to impress and to succeed. I was constantly overwhelmed and stressed by the demands of my daily life. Every morning, I would wake up feeling anxious and already burdened by the weight of responsibility. I felt trapped in a cycle of exhaustion, which seemed normal in the world I lived in.

In the pursuit of professional excellence, I needed to recognize that my mental framework was even more important than any successful technical expertise. And here is where the gentle guidance of a mindset coach comes in. I needed to change my whole worldview from the inside out.

Mindset coaching is a transformative approach we use to gently and deeply guide our clients toward an empowered way of living that brings clarity, self-compassion, and flow. 

At Awaken, we incorporate the Kirkpatrick model to measure the success of our program. Rather than focusing purely on immediate results, which are important, we go deeper into long-term learning, lasting behavior change, and a foundational mindset shift so that a new way of being is naturally supported by your internal motivation.

Mindset coaching is not about pushing and striving through with discipline and willpower. If that would have worked, I would have cracked the code. Rather, it’s a one-on-one or group coaching methodology that strengthens our clients’ capability to recognize and work with thought and emotional patterns that limit energy, creativity, and possibility. 

It delves beyond actions or outcomes, exploring the inner filters and motivations that shape our perceptions and actions.

If you're interested in helping people deeply change their way of thinking and beliefs to achieve fullness of life, mindset coaching can be a great choice. If you have a passion for making a positive impact on others and want to empower them to move into a spiritually-aligned flow, becoming a mindset coach might be the right path for you.

The Connection Between Mindset Coaching and Workflow

You might wonder, how does mindset coaching enhance your flow? It begins by uncovering existing mental attitudes and physical embodiment that may act as roadblocks to your well-being, followed by learning to identify these mental obstacles when they occur.

By fostering self-awareness, you can become skilled at noticing when you are falling into old patterns. When I realized that I was living my life in a constant state of resistance, fighting against the flow of what was wanting to emerge, instead of embracing it, I knew I needed change. 

My resistance to the reality of what my mind and body and soul truly wanted was limiting my ability to experience peace and power.

The Importance of Mindset Coaches

Mastering this transformative approach requires time, dedication, and a wealth of knowledge. It's a challenging endeavor to undertake alone, but a certified coach can support your ability to skillfully navigate your inner world of emotions and own thoughts in a way that gives you the abundance of life that’s waiting for you.

It is heartening to see that coaches from various niches are increasingly acknowledging the importance of integrating mindset coaching into their life coaching practices. Flowing with our aligned motivations, and what we truly love optimizes every area of our personal and professional lives. 

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As mindset coaches guide their clients on this journey of self-discovery and transformation, the profound benefits of this approach start to become apparent:

Overcoming invisible barriers

A mindset coach provides valuable assistance in integrating all parts of ourselves, so we no longer believe in psychological blocks and self-sabotage, two prevalent mindsets that stifle joy-filled productivity and flow. 

Our clients may possess the necessary skills, knowledge, and resources, but these invisible barriers, erected by their own stories, can prevent them from becoming the ease-filled, whole-hearted humans who can live a full life.

A competent mindset coach can help this beautiful person identify these deeply embodied patterns and assist in shifting what feels true Through the skilled guidance of a coach, our clients learn to nurture a growth mindset, encouraging new movement, emotion, and thoughts to blossom.

Enhancing self-awareness and self-worth

Another important facet of mindset coaching focuses on promoting self-awareness and self-compassion These changes in thinking and feeling patterns are essential for maintaining a resilient outlook and developing internal motivation, even in challenging situations. 

As a competent mindset coach, you will help your clients recognize who they are at their core, including their strengths and lovable weaknesses. You get to witness their core selves naturally emerge into courage, confidence, and connection with others.

This newfound confidence in their place in the world, in turn, emboldens these glorious humans to take on challenges with ease and joy, from an inner power.

Facilitating positive transformations

Mindset coaches also facilitate organic growth in people, teams, and communities, by helping them observe what’s wanting to emerge at a deeper level. Sometimes people will dramatically shift their goals - the formerly desired outcomes seem so shallow compared to the richness that’s possible. 

Handwritten definition for SMART goal setting

Coaches use a variety of coaching techniques and transformational therapies, including neuro-linguistic programming and emotional freedom technique, to support clients in finding their flow. 

Bridging the divide

Mindset coaches aim to align the spiritual and the practical. At Awaken, for example, we believe in a holistic approach to personal development that marries spiritual depth with practical skills.

This balance ensures that individuals go beyond professional advancement and into creating meaningful connections and living a life infused with purpose, fulfillment, and a core state of joy.

Creating a supportive community

Finally, this type of coaching involves cultivating a supportive community. You’re hard-wired for connection, and you live your mission as part of something much bigger than you. This community serves as a safe space for all of us to share our challenges, bounce ideas, and celebrate victories. 

At Awaken, we build rich communities of grace from before we get started, and these relationships last for years. This communal aspect of coaching is foundational to everything we do, from our first email or blog contact through to life-long friendships that develop as we share our narratives. 

Together, we foster a sense of belonging and incredible motivation. The ripple effect of a focused and committed community means that goals take on renewed purpose.

The Mindset Coach Process: Asking the Right Questions

Mindset coaching is effective to the extent that the coach creates a deep connection filled with bravery and safety with our clients. 

Our ability to ask insightful, probing questions can profoundly impact the coaching process, and permission to delve deep is gained through a profound relationship. These questions can reveal hidden mental blocks and unveil limiting beliefs. Self-awareness stimulates the client’s lasting motivation to change.

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You can play with some of these exploratory questions that we coaches find useful in exploring our clients' mindsets:

  • What do you believe about your ability to achieve your goals? This question can help identify whether a client has a growth mindset or a fixed mindset.
  • Which of your qualities do you call on to face a significant challenge or setback? How do you behave in a crisis? This question can reveal a client's resilience, their response to failure, and their potential for self-improvement.
  • What recurring thought patterns do you notice in your daily life? This question encourages self-awareness and identification of recurring thoughts that could be holding the client back.
  • What do you fear most about making this change in your life?What’s the worst that could happen when you’ve achieved your goals? This question can uncover hidden fears and painful emotions that could lead to self-protective actions.
  • What assumptions or beliefs might be limiting your progress? This question can reveal limiting beliefs that may be hindering a client's progress.
  • What would you do if you knew you could not fail? This question can help a client explore their true desires and potential, free from the fear of failure.
  • What is  preventing you from moving forward? This question can help clients recognize obstacles they may not be conscious of and prepare them for their desired future.

With clear, simple, forward-looking questions, we coaches observe our clients as they naturally set spiritually-aligned goals. The valuable self-knowledge they can, and the loving challenge to existing mindsets, primes our clients for a lifetime of  growth mindset and for achieving more than they imagined with ease. 

The Results are Inspiring

The power of mindset coaching is vast and transformative. Clients often experience a boost in self-confidence, a reduction in self-doubt, and an aligned outlook on life. They overcome internal blocks and realize their full personal and professional potential.

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They develop the ability to share ideas without fear of judgment, set realistic and achievable goals, and maintain mental health—all of which are essential components of a balanced and productive flow.

Ultimately, it's about more than just helping clients achieve their goals and find success; it's about fostering a deeper connection to oneself and living a life fully aligned with one's purpose.

Ultimately, it's about more than just helping clients achieve their goals and find success; it's about fostering a deeper connection to oneself and living a life fully aligned with one's purpose.

Awaken: A Leading Name in the Coaching Training Industry

Awaken stands as a leading name in coaching education. At its heart, Awaken cultivates a community of authenticity, trust, and acceptance.

We empower our members and guide our clients on a journey to explore the depths of their being, developing a powerful personal presence and aligning their spiritual and practical selves. Our community cultivates a world that works, one deep conversation at a time. 

diverse people communicating and sharing ideas

Transformational spiritual coach training

For those of you feeling the call to guide others on this profound journey, enhancing your coaching skills and establishing your own mindset coaching business is a noble endeavor, a calling that blends personal development with the joy of facilitating others' growth.

As an ICF Level 1 Accreditated coach training provider, Awaken can help. We offer in-person and virtual comprehensive certification programs that can be used to apply for a coach credential with the International Coaching Federation.

We will equip you with the tools and confidence to become an exceptional life and leadership coach and facilitate lasting transformations for your clients.

These certification programs will not only prepare you to teach clients but also empower you to walk the talk, embodying the principles of mindset coaching in your own life.

And the journey doesn't end at graduation. As an Awaken alumni and mindset coach, you will now be a part of a lifelong community that offers continuous learning opportunities, access to exclusive resources, and shared experiences with like-minded professionals.

It's a pathway to evolve, thrive, and leave a lasting impression on the world.

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