What if you could ride the wave?

One of my all-time favorite places to be is Diani Beach. When our family lived in Kenya, we had the privilege of traveling to the coast several times and staying right on the white sandy shoreline, where I was filled with awe and wonder at each quiet sunrise, and I would wade out into the warm waves. 

I can still feel the ultimate stillness coursing through my body the moment I placed my snorkeled face into the water. Suddenly, a whole new world of light and color and movement opened up, as bright tropical fish swam to snatch little treats from my fingertips. As I stayed mesmerized and literally in the flow, the ocean would gently lift and lower my body around the multi-colored coral. My gentle movement mirrored those of the sleek fish.

While riding the waves, they were teaching me to practice stillness. You can flow with, rather than resist, the wave’s motion.

Continually in motion, we are buoyed by the wave that is life’s flow. Rising and falling through the moments and years, we are carried forward. The flow may take us to difficult places, like the drop-offs and tight spaces in the coral reefs. As tempting as it can be to fight the direction and size of this wave, riding the wave in fact keeps us in sync with minimal effort.

Wave riding is far from a passive state, however. It requires you to be attentive, centered, and awake. This aware stillness allows you to flow with the motion that is wanting to emerge. It's a dynamic state of continual change. At times, the wave may reach a low point where it makes sense to suddenly find yourself standing on solid ground. At other times, the waves propel you into a leap above their next rise. 

What are life's waves teaching you these days? Are you floating, standing, resisting, struggling, trapped, flowing, allowing, or emerging? How can your energy and the wave's energy get in sync? What if you're not meant to be expending quite so much energy keeping your head above water? What if a calm, easy float is also possible?

With great love, 

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