Wordle wisdom

I didn't finish today's Wordle. What a heartbreak. What a loss.

I just couldn't think of a word that had a 'V' and an 'I'. I was stuck. And by the time I thought of it, the day's Wordle had passed. "Vivid" came to me hours too late and the board was reset. What's more, I lost my 19-day streak. It felt like a public humiliation and failure. (to whom? so weird)

So I began ruminating on all the life lessons that have emerged for me since beginning to play this five-letter-word guessing game some weeks ago. 

1) When my mind is getting stressed and is no longer working efficiently, I can take a break. Sometimes the next right thing comes while I'm riding my bike or washing the dishes or daydreaming. 

2) When it seems like there cannot possibly be a 5-letter-word with that particular combination, I can trust that possibility does, in fact, exist. Somebody will figure out today's word, and if it's not me, I can live with that. (Barely. Oh, it's so hard!)

3) When the whole world says that you have to do Wordle all by yourself and that getting help is cheating, I can still ask for help. Sometimes doing wordle with one of my kids is more fun. And who cares what THEY say? Sometimes it's OK for fun to win out over competition and perfection. I love high-fiving my kids when we solve it together, and my kids love how it feels to contribute!

4) People who post their Wordle successes on social media (or their oh-so-perfect children looking like supermodels and winning the latest medal at school) are LESS lovable to me than those who also post their disappointments. Not that there's a thing wrong with success, and there are ways to use our successes to encourage one another. But, you know what? When someone says, "Oh, crap! It took me 6 tries!" or "I lost for the first time ever." I find that people who 'fess up to their downtimes are relatable and warm and huggable

What are you learning about taking a break, trust, perseverance, asking for help, letting go of the fear of disappointing someone, and being kind to yourself with all your lovable weaknesses? I'd love to hear!

With great love, 

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